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  • Remoska Recipe - Fruit Cake
    by Pauline
    Kindly shared [email protected]

    • 220g Self Raising Flour
    • 110g butter (rubbed in)
    • 110g white sugar
    • 200 grams mixed dried fruit
    • 1 teaspoon mixed spice
    • 1 egg
    • 5 tablespoons of Milk

    Sprinkle Demerara Sugar on top, press with back of spoon (I didn't have Demerara, only soft brown so used that and it might be why the cake is a little dark on top - it certainly isn't hard baked)

    Add all ingredients to a soft dropping consistency

    29-03-2022, 11:55
  • REMOSKA RECIPE for Scones
    by SandraM
    8 oz self raising flour

    2 oz butter (I only cook with Benecol - I don't know if that gives a softer texture)

    2oz sugar

    3 oz of fruit (mix of chopped ready to eat apricots, ready to eat cranberries) or Sultanas or whatever fruit you want to try

    In a mixing jug add 1 large egg made up to 1/4 pint with milk (I use semi skimmed - may be even better with whole milk)

    Place a greaseproof cake liner in your cake pan

    Mix "butter"...
    19-03-2022, 15:20
    by baldybantam
    <Link removed as it doesn’t work> is the link for the recipe I found on the internet originally - Gregg Wallace for BBC Good Food

    Below I am showing the chutney recipe, the changes I make to this I have typed in red, people can adjust as required. I usually make 3 times the batch to save on electricity, maybe best to try the smaller quantity to see how you like it.

    • 500 g rhubarb
    • 200 g soft brown sugar
    • 3 onions, peeled and finely chopped
    • 1 tbsp
    15-05-2020, 20:10
  • Points to consider before buying a motorhome
    by Pauline
    Written by member Blackadderkate this information seemed too useful to be lost in a post, so we have transferred it to the Camping Tips Articles:

    The thing I tell all prospective buyers of motor-caravans is to make a list of "Must Haves", "Want to Have", and "Would Be Nice to Have". I also tell them that no van will tick all the boxes!

    It just isn't possible to fit ovens, fridges, shower cubicles, wardrobes and a luxurious double bed into something...
    21-09-2018, 11:14
  • Introduction for those who may be new to the world of GPS and it's Sat Nav uses
    by Pauline
    An post written by Tonyt and placed in these useful Camping Tip Articles to help others.

    A brief introduction for those who may be new to the world of GPS and it's Sat Nav uses.

    Global Positioning System is a satellite based radio navigation system operated by the USA.

    Positions are marked at the crossing point of a line of Latitude and a line of Longitude.

    Latitude is a geographic co-ordinate that specifies the north-south position of a point
    21-09-2018, 10:55
  • Preparing your motohome for winter
    by Pauline
    Preparing your motorhome for winter When you are not using your motorhome during the winter months you will need to take certain measures to prevent damage due to frost and bad weather, below are some tips taken from posts made by seasoned campers and experts here on the Small Motorhome Forum.

    Empty the fresh water tank - Open all the taps, not forgetting the toilet/bathroom compartment if you have one and let the water go into the waste tank, when the tank has emptied leave the taps...
    16-11-2017, 16:09