The Great Autumn Rally

Around 30 units and 43 people, various dogs and Barney the travelling cat made their way to our Great Autumn Rally held at Kings Lynn Caravan and Camping Park in Norfolk.

Units attending included Romahome motorhomes, large motorhomes, self build motorhomes, lots of small conversions, Nu Ventures, and a Romini Caravan. We (Graham and Pauline) arrived on the Friday to find the rally already quite busy some people had even arrived early in the week, after being welcomed by Ian and Sue the Rally Masters we found a suitable pitch and began saying hello to old friends and meeting new ones. The weather was being kind to us and during the day lots of new arrivals starting appearing and the field began to fill up, there was lots of chatting going on and inspecting each others vans.

Pauline and I had brought the large gazebo, which Ian and Sue had very kindly donated, to try out ready for the Anniversary meet and we set to trying to put it up, it wasn't long before we had help from several people including John, Helen, Brian R, Carole, Ivan and Phil who as it turned out was a bit of an expert at putting gazebos up. Between us with a bit of pushing, pulling and head scratching we managed to get it up and amazingly all the pieces were there. There was a bit of a stiff breeze and we were a little concerned that it might sail away so luckily I had some storm straps in the van and these helped to keep it in one place.

Friday night was fish and chip night and lots of people had ordered them at reception, they were due to be delivered and a large hungry crowd began to gather waiting for the anticipated arrival, very soon the vehicle arrived with everyone's teas and most trooped off to their vans to enjoy them while a few retired to the very nicely furnished rally cabin on site which had very kindly been paid for by Tom and Denise. The people in the hut were later joined by lots more during the evening as folk began to gather for a get together, drinks and cake were in abundance as people sat about happily chatting and catching up.

Saturday was another nice day but very windy, the Small Motorhome Flag Pole snapped in the wind and we decided to take the large gazebo down in case it ended up in the next field. It was a "please yourself" day and everyone did their own thing, some stayed and relaxed on site, others went out to various places of interest while Pauline and I had a trip into the Sandringham estate and had a lovely cycle round all the Queen's land, she didn't pop out of the house to see us though much to our disappointment. When we got back the the wind had increased considerably and the awning was looking in danger of ending up in the next field so it was decided to dismantle it for safety's sake, this procedure was certainly a lot quicker than it was to erect it. Saturday night we all went down to the cabin a huge group of us took our bbq's and food to just outside the cabin and enjoyed a mass bbq with lots of beer, cider, wine and food, those that didn't have bbq's found room on someone elses for their food, it was a lovely evening and still warm enough to sit out till quite late by around 9pm Pauline and decided to retire along with some others Mary and John went to watch X Factor (but don't tell anyone!), I watched football on the telly while lots of folk spent the evening chatting in the cabin until late.

Sunday it was time for Pauline and I to say goodbye as we had a long drive down to Chichester to catch up with Pauline's brother, a few others left on Sunday but quite a few remained on site until Monday.

Members in attendance in no particular order were: Ian and Sue, Graham and Pauline, Brian R, Teloupee (Phil), Campercoxy (Bridget), Caz, Two Litre (Jim), Minimouse (Sonya), Pendel (Penny and Derek), CVJ (Claire), Brian the Snail (Brian and Liz), Hobo (Jan and Jon), AJT Yorks (Alison), Pat and Tilly (Pat and Son David), Little Nor (John and Helen), DiggDeep (Tom and Denise), Southpaw (Theresa), Myke (Rita and Myke), Vanderella (Mary and John F), Lunnie (Joan and Appie), Ivan (Ian), MsWanderer (Angela), GasGas (Alicia and Andrew), Mary J (Mary), Kyran (Kyran and Sue), Fisherman (Bob and Ann), Doblo7 (Paul), GeeCee (Graham and Carole) A massive thanks as always to Ian and Sue for sourcing the site and organising a lovely meet that was enjoyed by one and all.

There are a selection of pictures taken by Teloupee (Phil) PJS Photography: Here

Kings Lynn 2015.jpg