33 Members, 5 dogs in 19 units attended our annual Late winter/Early Spring meet at Kingsbury Water Park in the West Midlands 8th - 10th March 2019.

Those attending: Graham and Pauline, Ian.C.S, NomadSue, Emmerson, Allen, Jillygumbo, Geecee, Doog, Niloc and Sitter, Hobo, John &Wendy, Gregor, Woozle & Mr Woozle, Kyran, Orange Van, Lunnie, Pendel, Brianthesnail, Jo123, MazH

No show: waghorri

People arrived during Friday afternoon and generally had a walk around chatting and catching up. There were lots of cakes being passed around including the tradition of Graham's (GeeCee) delicious rock cakes.

Friday evening the Fish and Chips mobile van arrived, those who had them said it was worth queing in the rain! others ate their own food in their van.

Saturday Graham got up early and went to the 5k Park Run which was held in the main water park area while everyone else got up at their own pace

During the day folks did their own thing. Some going out, some walking in the park and some staying on site to chat further.

In the evening the majority of us went to the Dog and Doublet where we had booked one half of the pub for a meal. Some walked down the canal to the venue while others drove or walked along the road way.

The food was good as always and was served very quickly, which is amazing considering how many of us there were.

Sunday it was time for most to leave so after some long chats and good byes. A few stayed on site until Monday and others walked/drove down to the pub again for Sunday lunch.

Despite heavy rain and a chill in the air everyone enjoyed a good time, the forecast of snow had everyone (well Sue!) excited but sadly it did not come, just some hail and sleet.

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