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Nissan nv200 conversion

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    Just lovely!-

    Hi there, have been seriously considering a Lunar Vacanza and love the van - but am concerned about the lack of overall space with the Lunar conversion. Yours looks lovely - are you thinking of going into business?? Will definitely now look at getting a conversion done. What sort of price should I pay for a new or newish base vehicle and is it best sourced straight from Nissan? Any advice gratefully received - but meanwhile 'Well [email protected]
    Originally posted by sygooner View Post
    Hi Dinkum
    Thought you might like to see a few pics of my NV.
    Its based on the VW side layout and I've completed most of the work myself.
    Finished it about 3 weeks ago and have been to north Wales and Brighton so far.


      It was nice to see Sygooner's NV200 conversion, similar layout to my own (mostly) self-built one. I completed it last year and enclose a couple of pics taken on my summer holiday to Brittany. As I live in Scotland it covered 1650 trouble-free miles in a fortnight.

      Camper in France.jpg

      Cvan France.jpg

      I have added 16" All Season Van tyres since then, a really good addition as the profile fits the wheel arches better (as well as giving better grip in most circumstances).
      Still enjoying the forum, so useful.


        i# love it sygooner .

        You've done a lovel neat job


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