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curtains for gosport !

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    curtains for gosport !

    Hello everyone,I've recently purchased a Stimson Peugeot expert tyrol,it needs a few rolling repairs but my first priority is a set of new curtains,is there anybody within reasonable of gosport that can make me a set ?

    I'm no good with a needle, sorry ……..


      Hello Derek, hope you had some luck with finding a curtain maker nearby. To satisfy my own curiosity, as the curtains in mine are not entirely satisfactory, I had a quick Google for “Curtains For Motor Caravans” which brought up several suppliers/ makers. Looked at this one at random, I have not used them but they sound competent and will make to your measurements or measure up if you take your van to them in Birmingham:

      The same search brought up this supplier of curtain accessories and roller blinds

      My Tirol came with new looking but obviously home made curtains some of which were too short and most of which had rough and ready tiebacks. The tie backs on the rear doors had Velcro glued to the door and marks where previous attempts had peeled off and been re-stuck.
      The rails are very small aluminium channels with equally small and neat but fiddly runners resulting in a surprisingly time consuming job to hang the curtains.

      Because there is a noticeable tumblehome from waist to roof we bought some Neodymium magnets to hold the bottom corners of the curtains against the doors.

      The front screen was a problem as there was no easy way to attach a curtain without drilling holes and I didn’t fancy adding projecting brackets to this area. The magnets I bought would not hold to the steel body through the thickness of a curtain plus the plastic inner lining section above the cab and I was not keen to buy super powerful versions as the small ones I had bought are already enough “fun” to handle.

      I decided to see if I could make an internal screen cover and made a template from polythene sheet. Due to the size and curvature of the screen in both directions I made this in two pieces laid over the outside of the screen and held in place with the wipers and masking tape and with register marks to align them. Some adjustments were needed to better fit to the inside trim.

      I used the templates to mark and cut out a trial set of covers cut from white Correx twin wall plastic sheet. I also made in the same way covers for the driver’s and passenger’s doors and the little triangular windows each side. I use these for the cab area and use the curtains for the “living” area. They work well and are convenient to mount although they will not have a long life due to the nature of the plastic sheet. For the long term I bought some carry mats blue to match the curtains on one side and with aluminium foil bonded to the other side. When I get time I will cut these to shape and fit suckers to secure them to the glass.

      On a completely different Tirol aspect, does yours have the original Stimson design hinges for the roof?


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