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Beware when buying a vehicle:

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    Beware when buying a vehicle:

    And don't be a total **** like me.
    I wanted to buy a car I could maintain myself, with no computers. That means it has to be 'old'. The best 'old' cars I know of are Mercedes. Diesel would be more economical so when I saw a 1991 diesel Merc, 98,000 miles, for sale on Fleabay off I went and bought it. That mileage genuinely is nothing for an old Merc.
    It did say 98,000 miles in the advert, and that is what it said on the odometer. I wondered for a moment why the pattern on the steering wheel was a bit worn in places but it didn't dissuade me. When I got home I looked at the year's MOT it came with, and wondered how it passed when it had canvas showing on two tyres, the indicators didn't work and neither did the handbrake, and the exhaust was blowing. (I did know about these faults before I bought it). Then I looked closer at the MOT which has the last 5 years mileages listed.
    5 years ago it had done 287,000 miles. Well that explains the smooth steering wheel.
    Surprisingly to me, considering the mileage and in spite of my admiration for the engineering of pre-1994 Mercedes, it runs perfectly. No clonks, bangs or smoke. The bodywork is bright and shiny (it has had a respray). Quite a few bits have been renewed as you would expect. I'm not going back to confront the crook who sold it to me with a dud MOT and lying through his brown, disjointed teeth about the mileage, as he had tattoos all over him, lived in a very run down council house. I would end up in hospital and I wouldn't get my money back anyway. It cost me £825 and it wouldn't take that up to £1000 even by the time I have fixed all the dodgy bits and got a legitimate MOT. There is no point going back to the MOT station that passed it as they will just say it was ok on the day they tested it. I have no proof to the contrary.
    The moral is, when you go and look at a vehicle for sale, look at the MOT history and see if it is progressive, and doesn't include one at 287,000 miles.
    We're here for a good time, not a long time.

    You can check the MOT history online if you have the V5C number. More reliable check than the bits of paper as these are actually just receipts with the MOT certificate itself only existing electronically.
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