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Evie's first motorhome holiday

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    Evie's first motorhome holiday

    We've just returned from a couple of nights away in the van, Evie's first holiday! We only went as far as Knaresborough but we had a great time and Evie seemed to take it all in her stride!

    We stayed at the CC site and met up with 16 friends/colleagues and basically had a social weekend with plenty of laughs and banter, good food and the odd drink or 2.

    I also managed to put up our newly aquired awning singlehandedly (Evie packs far too much stuff but she won't listen to me when I tell her to leave things at home so I had to buy an awning to store it all in!!!!)

    We had such a good trip that we are probably going to repeat it in the not too distant future.
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    Do your children listen? Wait until she really wants to take all her girlie stuff!! You'll need a trailer Sounds like you had a good time.


      Well done Glen, start 'em young eh?

      Sounds like Evie is going to enjoy her camping trips.
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        Babies dont stop you going camping and as they get to be self mobile a nice safe campsite is the ideal spot to get away with them.
        Fresh air and excersize and all the stimulii of the countryside are great for growing kids.Well done you two.
        I hope this rotten weather passes so we can all enjoy the run up to the year end.
        Good luck and happy camping.
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          Glad you all had such a good time, looking forward to meeting Evie at a meet soon.


            Glad you had a good time on your first ever camping trip with little Evie

            I need a photo fix!!


              Start em young, great stuff, if you enjoyed that just wait untill summer comes round, wow
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