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1st Bongo DayMeet 2011

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    1st Bongo DayMeet 2011

    Northwest Bongo Brigade had their first daymeet of the year yesterday at Pennington Flash Nr Leigh,we had 12 Bongos and a little Jag(mine) attend on a cold day.The kids had a great time in the Park whilst the adults mulled around and talked Bongo and did a catch up with one another,these meets are always a pleasure and make a good start to things in the early part of the year.
    Very friendly things are Bongos.....the owners aint bad either

    Update on my plans.....I am hoping to return to Bongo ownership later in the year and hopefully be in a position to also keep my already much loved Jag did feel strange yesterday seeing it nestled amongst the 12 bongos that attended but for now any Camping urges will have to be via a tent....... couple of piccies!!

    Cheers Dabs

    Pennington Flash is a lovely place - I went there years ago, practicing photography!

    Looks like you had a lovely time! Great photo's too!


      Glad to hear that you are thinking of another camper



        Pennington Flash Meeting

        Hi all,

        We've had our Bongo two years now, and today joined your forum. Initially getting advice and service was a bit difficult, until we joined the Bongo Fury Club that is, (based in Sheffield) and were relieved to find expert help, parts and advice from people who live and breath Bongos.

        Since then we have enjoyed lots of weekends out and a wonderful holiday in Durness in the far north of Scotland - its quite near the north pole !

        Just recently we discovered a garage in Wigan - called WheelQuick - who are Bongo specialists. They were very knowledgable and helpful and not over-expensive. WheelQuick also have a great selection of 8 seater Bongos ready for conversion as required, and do every type of service plus Mots - wonderful ! It's about 18 miles from us, but that's much closer than Sheffield.

        The Pennington Flash meet caught my eye. We used to sail there regularly until a few years ago, it's a brilliant spot, and the most successful sailing club in the North West. When are you thinking of returning?


        Peter Jaye


          Welcome Peter
          Glad you found us!

          Good to hear you are making the best out of your Bongo,they are great vehicles.Keep up to date with the Meet side of Bongo ownership on Bongo Fury where you will find a Fancy Meeting Up section and the Northwest section there's always something going on somewhere in Bongoland.
          I am in between Bongos having sold mine last year,Im hoping to get another one soon though but Im enjoying the replacement car (A Jag) too much to part with it.
          Get along to a Bongo Meet the peeps are very friendly just as they are on here!!

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            Hello Peter

            Welcome to the Small Motorhome Forum, it's nice to have another Bongo owner on here, you are more than welcome to come to our meets too.

            See our Fancy Meeting Up Section for details.
            Did you know you can follow us on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter or you can visit us at our Website


              Bongos in the North West.

              Thank you Dabs and Graham, we're really looking forward to our trips this year, including doing some of the sailing open meetings.

              We chose the Bongo because it's the same footprint as a car, and our dinghy mast clears the 2m roof when trailing (yes - its a pop-up, so the grand children can join us.)

              We'll keep a lookout for the camper meetings.

              Hope you both have a good year.


              Peter & Jan.
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