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roof/sky light fittings broken in Nu Venture Rio

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    roof/sky light fittings broken in Nu Venture Rio

    Hi folks
    I bought a nearly new Nu Venture Rio last year. Have done around 18000 miles since then and had many happy journeys. But generally the internal fittings have been a supreme disappointment. Everything seeks to break and seems quite poor value. The latest issue is the catches for the roof/sky light. Have never opened this and yet the catches are shearing off. Essentially they only have 2 catches for a large sky light. So it is vibrating away as I drive and they are shearing off.
    Is it possible to get new catches without needing a new sky light? I think it needs 4 catches. If I do not sort soon the van will be undriveable as it will just flap around.
    Am chewing the carpet as also needing to fix the sink which is leaking all over the van..... (already fixed the pump, the heating system and the blinds....bed needing fixed....)

    Help and moral support very gratefully received. I do like to think I look after things. After my trusty romahome this is all a bit of a disappointment

    Hi Ellie

    If your 'van was "nearly new" last year would it still be covered by Nu Venture's warranty? Even if you bought it used, the warranty should be transferable.

    It might be worth contacting them and explaining your problems first.

    Copied from their website:

    Our philosophy is simple! We believe that our customers need to know that they can trust us to:
    1. Give them good & practical advice
    2. Undertake first class work, using good quality materials
    3. Back it with friendly service (before AND after the work is done).

    Hopefully if you explain your disappointment in the quality, they might be keen to help sort it out.

    Good luck



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