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Sub 6 metre camper wanted

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    Sub 6 metre camper wanted

    We have a 1993 Burstner that is 5.4 metres long. On a tour of europe last year we decided that this is the ideal vehicle except for one thing - we have to climb up to the overcab bed, as we are too tired at bedtime to be bothered to convert the lounge to a bed.
    So we went to the NEC show recently, but could we find anything under 6 metres? There were two, with drop down beds and fixed rear beds, but as they were new we couldnt afford to buy one. Anyway they were 5.99 metres, pesumably because the car-length limit for the european ferries is 6.0 metres. Over that and you pay a lot more.
    Is there a 5.5 metre long camper with drop down double bed? Please tell me there is so I can go and buy it!
    My logic is this: you can park a 5.5 metre camper in a supermarket car park, it has a reasonable turning circle because of the short wheelbase, and most of all you are not sleeping when driving (well, you won't be for long, anyway) and you are not driving when sleeping. So why not use the given space for two purposes? I can't find a manufacturer who has thought of this except for some, like Hymer and then you don't get two front doors.
    We all want to reach a ripe old age. But none of us admits it when we get there.

    I dont remeber ever seeing a camper that size with a fixed bed. I think the Hymer Exsis has a fixed bed, but is just over 6m so that would not do.

    Our short wheelbase VW is just under 5m, a long wheel base one would be about 5.3 m. A lot of the professional van converters will work to whatever specification the customer wants, so maybe you could design one with a fixed bed. Our van has a fairly standard layout with two good sized single beds or generous double, but does require some acrobatics before we can turn in for the night!

    We got our van from Leisuredrive in Bolton, and they will certainly fit what the customer wants if possible. I think there is also a farily good company in Kent that does similar things.

    To keep the price reasonable we went for a lightly used VW with a new conversion


      In order to fit a fixed bed in a van that length it need to go crosswise - in a van conversion that would mean a bed that would be too short for some people, so it means going for a coachbuilt which is wider and they tend to be longer as well.

      The only van conversion I can think off offhand is the Adria Van Win as it was called when it came out back in 2004, I think the current model is called the Twin and has a similar layout of a fixed rear bed and small front lounge incorporating the travelling seats. I don't think it's on a short wheel Base though, I believe it's the medium one.

      I don't think they sold many, so finding a secondhand one could be difficult.

      Vanderella's suggestion of having one converted to your own design might be the best answer.


        A quick look in the classified found a dethleffs globebus 3. It is 5.9m, pull down bed, 2 cab doors and are available on 2nd hand Market. I'm sure there must be other a class Motorhomes that fit the bill. Happy hunting
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          Sub-6 metre campervan

          We have just acquired a 2001 La Strada Regent which could fit your requirement too. Drop down double bed with double below if needed.


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