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    I know there have been several posts about insuring motor homes but has anyone come across a company called Discovery Leisure? I ask because I've had a quote from them for my 1991 Talbot Express for £127.20 which is over £100 less than any other quote I've had. Is this just too good to be true or is there a catch? Hoping someone can reassure me that they're a bona fide company.
    Thanks, Di.

    Personally I think this is a case of a good study of the small print for two reasons

    1. To check the conditions to see if there are any obvious exclusions or conditions

    2. To find out the name of the actual people who deliver the financing... I say this because insurance companys are always coming up with new names but when you look into it they are always a branch of a more well known company.



      Hi, tentpeg.
      Thanks for your response.
      I've scanned the small print with a fine tooth comb and can see nothing that I wouldn't expect to see on a motor insurance. The actual insurers appear to be Enterprise and I have heard of them.
      Everything seems to be in order; perhaps the low rate is due to the age of the vehicle or they're a competitive company. I'm going to go through the policy again just in case I've missed something vital and speak to the agent again tomorrow to double check. If all is well then I shall believe the gods are shining on me!!
      Thanks again, Di.


        Just had the year 2 renewal through for the R25 with Safeguard. Expected a big leap in cost but only £278 fully comp? Well happy with that. Thank you Safeguard.

        Tony Anchorman
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