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Dft / DVLA "minimum cooking facilities" clarified - only one ring required!

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    Originally posted by wain View Post
    Just wondering if anyone obtained any further info on the alcohol / spirit stove situation? I really don’t want to have gas and it seems the DVLA aren’t that specific in practice but has anyone been approved? Seems the pics don’t go into that much detail.

    I’m actually more concerned that some insurance companies echo the same requirements and that in the event of a claim it may be denied if the fuel source isn’t gas or electric! Maybe I should rule out those insurers...

    Re spirit / alcohol stoves. I think from the insurers p.o.v. the problem is safety. The flame is nearly invisible. If you had a spill while refilling the tank, there is always risk of careless refilling and a consequent fire.
    Anyone who watches motor racing from the USA will have seen, during pit stops, how easily alcohol ignites and the consequent fires. Easily dealt with when the pit crew includes a member equipped with water to extinguish the fire.
    Now transfer that unwanted spill fire to inside a campervan / motorhome especially a home brew conversion the interior of which may be constructed of quite flammable materials. And added to this are other flammable items; clothing, bedding, cooking oil and so on.
    To be honest I do not think you will find an insurer who will cover a conversion using a fuel source other than gas or running off an EHU. There are very few insurance brokers who are competent handling insuring a DiY conversion and even fewer insurance companies who actually underwrite the cover for conversions.
    I also think if you did not declare it to be converted and the fuel source used - your insurer may refuse to pay out if you had a fire or any other incident which could be related to your use of an alcohol stove.
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