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Advice on a small camper van that I can use as my main car

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    The new Romahome R 50 sleeps 2 downstairs and can sleep a third adult in the pop top BUT it is based on the larger Citroen Dispatch van, so while still small, I suspect now as micro as you were hoping for and being a newly launched model you will need the best part of £50k to buy one.
    Better a rainy day on the hill than a sunny day in the office!


      You could maybe tow a teardrop caravan for an extra bedroom? The "Little Guy" has got big wheels and you don't know it's there


        Many thanks everyone for your very helpful responses, I really appreciate it. It would seem that I’m being a bit over optimistic! However it has given me ideas of routes to explore, I’m particularly thinking about the drive away awning option with a Berlingo or similar size car, maybe with a boot jump, which looks an interesting concept. That would hopefully cover the insurance point also as with a boot jump it’s not a permanent campervan. I will get stuck into research over the winter with a view to getting sorted by Spring, thanks again!



          I can’t add much to the earlier posts which cover all the factors well. We had a Stimson Tirol van only 4.4 metres long, with two berths, formed by folding down all 4 travelling seats, but nicely fitted out. We loved it but it didn’t suit our nomadic touring use so we have a bigger van with two berths that do not use the cab seats.
          I think you will have to look at slightly larger vans to accommodate 3 adults or consider some form of “extension”. That might be part of the van, a pop up roof or a slide out, or a separate awning or tent of some sort. The Lunar Vacanza boasts a bed in the pop up roof but it is only 4'6'' long.

          It very much depends upon what sort of camping you plan to do and how long you will stay at a chosen spot.
          Some tents and drive away awnings can be time consuming to erect and take down so better suit a stay of some days on a campsite rather than a move on every day touring holiday which might involve some wild camping.

          There are some neat slide outs but those I have seen are aimed at the VW Transporter and larger size vans. They tend to be expensive unless you can DIY one.
          DIY slide outs are possible although I expect there was lot of work involved in both these:

          Bongo Slide out - 57.JPG

          Daihatsu DIY Slideout 5466.jpg

          I did see a fold out tent extension, made to fit a VW of course, but the idea could be adapted to any van. A ply floor was hinged just inside the rear doors and folding it out pulled out a tent. I can’t find the item now, maybe it failed to sell as it was quite expensive for what it was. If you will be camping in the warmer months a DIY version might be possible.

          You have not specified how small your van would need to be to cope with tight parking etc but a SWB medium van can be only a little larger than a small van. I have tidied up a table I made to help my choice of van which I hope will appear below:

          Small Van Table - 9.2018.jpg

          The SWB Transit and Boxer vans are both less than 5 metres long but have significantly more space inside. Although, just like cars, vans tend to get bigger with each new version. As you can see the series 2 Boxer was smaller than the series 3. The S3 Boxer is very popular with self builders as it is the widest panel van in its class. A transverse bed across the back of the van works well possibly leaving a more usable space for other functions.

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          Camp in your car? Here’s how!

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