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Advice please on 1st motorhome

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    Advice please on 1st motorhome

    Hello, after several months of deliberation I think I'm ready to take the plunge and purchase my first camper van motorhome. I am hoping that those more experienced can suggest models and makes for my budget of £20000.

    This will be an old year-round home for me only as I tour Europe, and preliminary observations suggest something in the Possel Vario size and shape. Needless to say I am looking for reliability and economy, and recognize my budget will limit me to Second Hand.

    I am over 70 so any advice on insurance would also be welcome.

    Thank you for any helpful positive replies.

    For those of an English bent. Possl is the German equivalent of the Globecar we get here. They are very well made indeed and I think it is an ideal make for you to start with, stillroamin. The Possl will come on a Fiat Ducato, I am pretty sure. I read in MMM that the 2.8 litre diesel is unbreakable but you would be unlikely to find that in a panel van conversion, I think. I'm not sure what a Vario is, - ah I've just found one in German on youtube:
    This one looks quite posh, lovely furniture inside.
    My advice would be yes, go for a Possl, I think they are one of the best German makes, and all you can do is look around for the best one you can get for your money.
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      If I were in your position I would be looking at the Sevel vans, Peugeot, Citroen and Fiat as they are probably the most popular vans in Europe and by reason easier and cheaper to repair should the worst happen. I would go for a high top, better insulation for the winter months together with more storage. I would also be looking for a van that had a fixed bed. if you are going to be using it for 365 nights, making a bed up every night and taking it down again in the morning quickly becomes a nuisance. A toilet would be a necessity for me for the obvious reason but also a toilet compartment can be useful storage for wet coats and shoes etc.. The Adria Twin is one van that springs to mind and I would have thought you would be able to get a 2003-2006 model for your budget. There are many similar vans around both British and European built.
      There are other suggestions I could make but I think what I have said would be my ground plan and from there I can build around whatever my travel plans are going to be.
      Good luck with your adventure and I hope all goes well for you.


        If I was you I would take my time, go to as many dealers as you can, look at vans in your price range, test drive them, ask to see the beds made up, imagine yourself living in it on a cold rainy day/night, find a van with a layout that suits you then research to find out about reliability, mpg etc. This is a major purchase and you don’t want to rush into anything and make a mistake, take your time but enjoy the journey too.

        Regarding insurance we have three companies who offer discounts for Small Motorhome members Adrian Flux and AIB Insurance in particular have been recommended by our members in the past, so shop around these and others to get the best deal.
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          It's difficult to recommend vans for other people! everyone's needs/priorities are different.
          Do lots of research ask lots of questions and enjoy!


            I think that many people get carried away by a lovely living area and assume that the base vehicle will be just as good. Remember the same rules apply as buying an old car. The more service history and receipts the better and a proper inspection underneath. I would also be looking for something fairly standard and wary of any mods that previous owners may have made particularly where gas and electrics are concerned.
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