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towbar on doblo camper

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    towbar on doblo camper

    anyone had towbar fitted on doblo camper, (or similar). friends who have a doblo camper were told it is difficult/impossible because of the wiring being under the floor?

    a trailer would be really useful for long trips.

    would be grateful for any advice

    tow hitch

    Hi, mishka m
    Welcome to the forums,
    I have a doblo jtd elx 2002 fitted with a towbar and electrics,
    Depending on the year and model concerned the electrics can vary,
    Best follow this link to the fiat forums, where you can find lots of info,
    If you search the doblo section there are more links than the one above,
    The one who told them it's not possible are talking through their hat,
    Any more help Shout
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      I considered adapting a Doblo and looking into having towbar fitted. I was advised it was a routine job and I've seen many Doblos with them, both cars and vans....


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