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Conversion Requirments exterior

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    Conversion Requirments exterior

    Hi I am new to this forum so hello everyone I am the owner of a Peogeot expert Disabled van which I have converted to a camper and was wondering if someone could help me?

    I have recently converted my van and it meets all the requirements of a conversion as far as I can tell but the DVLA refused to reclassify it. It was refused down to the exterior not being modified. At the time of the conversion I didn't see the need to convert the exterior but I was wondering if anyone could tell me what kind of things I could do to the exterior that would classify it as a camper-van?

    I live in london so the only way for me to be able to keep my camper after the Lo Emission Zone is enforced is for me to clasify it as a camper with the DVLA

    Ant advice would be much appreciated

    This is something that's been discussed on the BongoFury website too. This year the dvla (they don't deserve upper-case!) brought in a guideline that a conversion needs to look like a campervan, but haven't given any more info than that. Apart from writing 'campervan' on it, or gluing fake satellite-TV domes on the roof, or maybe painting it pink and asking how it could possibly be any camper, there doesn't seem to be anything much to go on.

    Maybe some transfers could make it look less mpv-like and a bit more like a holiday vehicle? Could you photoshop some pictures of your van and ask the dvla to rule on what counts?

    Good luck fighting the red-tape bound idiots though


      Thanks lot for that Jim It is all a bit ridiculous isn't it. I had thought about writing camper van on the side also like your idea of gluing a satellite on top maybe a chimney and a awning also would look ridiculas but could work.

      Just don't want to go to all the effort to get turned down again

      thanks again


        It is ridiculous.

        The only bit of my note that was serious, is the part about photoshopping various mods, and getting them to rule what you'd need to do. It's a lot cheaper than making changes, and possibly having to undo them as well.

        If you can't get anything helpful from them, maybe contacting your MP would help? With the way everyone hates MP's at the moment, I bet they'd love to have an enemy like the dvla, where practically all the electorate would be on their side if they attacked.


          Does it have side windows? This is normally a requirement and particularly for campsites (if you ever intend using them). Otherwise, colourful decals might help.


            Thanks for both your replies. yes it does have side windows although they are tinted so you cant see in.

            I have just been on the phone to the dvla who offerd no advice but did give me the number of the department for transport who also gave no advice but to say it has to look like a camper from the outside???

            My plan with the van was to keep it low key to avoid getting broken into on camping trips but Im thinking now if I remove the window tint get some bright curtains paint the van 2 tone and get a load of stickers it might work? but there seems to be no way of checking this first and its all down to the person who reviews the case very frustrating.

            Contacting my MP could be a good shout but I only have till January Till the low emission zone starts and I can no longer drive my van.


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