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habitational check- gas fridge

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    habitational check- gas fridge

    have not long purchased an A reg Renault Trafic Campervan - I know that everything works apart from the fridge - this seems to light no problem but I can 't seem to get it staying on - anybody got an idea of how this might be better - desperate to get away in it


    Hi Joan,

    a few things you can try.

    If it lights, you have to keep pressing the gas switch in for the thermo-coupler to warm up or it will just go out again. So keep the knob pushed in and count to 30 before you let go. It also takes a whiley for the gas to get through to there, so be patient, that can take up to 2 minutes to get through, esp if it hasn't been used on gas for a whiley.

    Another thing you can do is get the long nozzle on your hoover and hoover underneath all the way to the back if you can, and also, go outside, take off the cover and hoover inside there.

    If all the above fail, pull the fridge out of the housing, (you will have to undo housing screws or somesuch and you might have to disconnect it from the gas pipe if no flexitube, so may need some expert help) and clean all around it with a soft brush. Then turn it upside down and leave for half an hour. Turn it back the right way and leave for another half an hour. Then it should light ok. sometimes the liquid gas needs to wet the pipes before it will fire up properly.

    Good lucK - let us know how you go on.
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      We had this problem with a hylo we had a few years ago. Someone told us to take fridge out and turn upside down. My hubby was very sceptical as always believed fridges should remain upright. Anyhow, after trying everything else, he did it. We were both surprised and delighted it worked!!! It never let us down again.


        turning your fridge upside down

        This is an old trick, usually used for motor home and camping trailer fridges! The idea behind this is that, by turning it upside down for awhile, the refrigerant gases move in the pipes, and force an air bubble to also move. Then when it's righted, everything returns to normal. It works if your fridge is old and uses ammonia as the coolant. Very few still do. Freon does have some liquid, especially under pressure. But RV refrigerators run on a different principle than home units.Go ahead and give it a try. If it doesn't work, you're not out anything anyway! -If you do, let it sit upright for 24 hours for everything to settle again.
        This doesnt work for compressor fridges such as you have at home.
        Read this,

        And this is the best explanation I know,
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          thanks will try these suggestions at the weekend - when hopefully the weather will be kinder - just desperate to use it - been out once but it was a bit chilly so had a heater on - but no fridge!


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