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My heater is fitted.

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    My heater is fitted.

    I went to Hall's electrical at Yate and they were very good ideed. Bit early to put in a full review because the heater has to survive the test of time BUT at the moment I think they were brilliant. They also have major contracts for public service vehicles. They kept me informed of what they were doing at all stages and were in close consultation with Ant re Romahome layout etc.

    I really would not have like me as a customer as I was totally neurotic about the Romahome but they could not have been more helpful. I am very happy with the result the heater is in the locker nearest the cooker but does not impeed the outside locker which I find a very useful/essential storage area. The result is very neat and they have put a shelf over the heater so I still have a little storage although obviously I have to be aware that the heater needs ventilation (so no blankets) but I think should be able to store the double skillet in there quite happily.

    I really worried about fitting the heater and whether it would be a big disaster (mad as this may seem) and I am pleased it is over and will continue to leave feedback re the success of the fitting, which at the moment I feel certain will be positive.

    Sounds a thumbs up so far then!

    Let us know how you get on with it, we did consider having heating fitted retrospectively to our Dimension but dismissed it because of the cost.
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      new heater

      Well done Jenny. You deserve a I have been very brave sticker!
      Sounds like you were directed to a seriously professional set up and I am sure it will work really well. You will now be totally self sufficient.

      Also good timing as I woke to frost on the grass this morning!



        What type and make of heater did you go for, Jenny?



          Esbacher D2. Hall's electrical are main distributors. I he did not want the water heater. Also it is not installed in my outside locker which I use a great deal but in the inside locker nearest the cooker. They have fitted a shelf over the top for me. Also I found some interesting information about the lock out issue... They told me this......

          If you have a lock out with the Esbacher heater it can be unlocked at a main dealer (a 15 minute job), but it has to be a main dealer with the proper machine. The reason for it is to ensure that a qualified engineer looks at the heater to identify the fault for safety reasons.


            Opportunity to use the heater. Took the Romahome out to lunch today at work and it was flippin freezing outside..... so esbacher heater into action.... absolute blisssssssss... yes yes yes... wonderful... Mind you ten minutes and that was enough!!


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