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Website articles wanted

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    Website articles wanted

    As you know we have an information website for small motorhome owners the site was started by Pauline and the content is based on our experience of motorhomes we have owned i.e. Romahome C15, Romahome Duo and Romahome Dimension, we are continually looking to update the site with more information.

    We don't profess to know about other motorhomes so we wondered if anyone would like to contribute an article about their particular "pride and joy", we have had one or two articles from people notably Niloc's excellent R40 article, KarenW's Kangoo Roo article and video, Derek's Self Build Berlingo article and video and Doblo7's Self Build Doblo article

    If anyone else would like to write an article/review of their pride and joy please send it to me with any pictures/videos etc., to [email protected] unfortunately we can't pay for articles but full credit will be given on the website and you will of course have our undying gratitude.
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    Did you know you can follow us on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter or you can visit us at our Website

    I could send you some more general articles on the camping experience rather than specifically about motorhomes if thats any use?
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