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    Really! So I don't think we will take it off then just in case.We havnt filled the water tank yet so after cleaning it as far as we can on the outside. We may get it working. Does the water level have to be a certain height before it drains the waste water out? Sorry for asking such silly questions on here and taking up so much room with my quiries.


      There is only the one tap on a Romahome and that is the waste water tap so I suspect the Mezan is the same

      Our tap gave up the ghost and I asked for it to be replaced by Howards during the habitation check a couple of years ago. On the offchance they didn't have one I took a spare with me but all I could get at the time was a water butt tap.

      Howards didn't have a replacement so used mine. However, even with a new tap it has always leaked and the outlet pipe is too short to be able to resite it and cut off any dodgy ends.

      We don't use the waste tank anymore because it embarrasses me that it leaks a constant drip of grey water and when you are driving around or on and off a pitch it could look like it's been deliberately left like that to empty the tank while moving

      We manage very well with a collapsible waste bucket outside the rear door of the Romahome. It gets emptied more frequently that the waste tank would so no build up of smells.

      We are not lugging the weight of the waste water with us on our journeys and I no longer have the annual mop it and and disinfect the tank job with my arm in the hole.


        I like the sound of that Sandra. That sounds a good idea. Less weight to transport around. Also no faffing with on store waste water tank. We will try it as we are going on a short trip tomorrow to test everything out. First over night stay since we have got Pheobe. It seems ages ago since we first purchased her in Feb. Looking forward to the Mazan experience for sure. At long last we are Mobil. Thanks for all the advice everybody has given us on here. Now we know what options are open to us.


          The tap is fitted to a pipe, if you unscrew it the nut will not fall into the water tank.

          If nothing comes out when the tap is off you need sonething flexible to poke up the pipe into the tank to get through the rubbish that is blocking the pipe.

          I have removed my tap and I have fitted a more robust metal gate valve, I will take a couple of photos later.



            Come on Anita52 , you can't go around being frightened of shadows or tolerating fixable problems ... there has to be a solution and Occam's Razor reckons it's usually the most obvious one. Chevroen gives good advice and has the sort of get-stuck-in / have-a-go attitude that gets things done, but bearing in mind the later report #15 of there sometimes being an internal nut to the tap, perhaps try the following first:
            • Hold the operating handle and the exposed spout end at the same time, turn the handle ... if they turn together the mechanical innards of the tap are OK, if they don't then someone has probably forced a stuck tap in the past and broken it.
            • See if you can blow air, or better water into the tank via the spout while operating the handle back and forth. If by a happy chance the spout is a half decent fit on a garden hose then that would be ideal. You may need an assistant, you will almost certainly get wet. But just think of the satisfaction if it works!
            • Suspecting some gooey-gunky sludge bunging up the outflow from the tank ... what about some drain cleaner? I'd park the van on an incline such the tap is downhill, put a kettle of very hot water down the sink followed by some caustic soda dissolved in about a mug-full of cold water (important, cautiously add soda powder to cold water stirring until it will not dissolve any more... the water will warm up as you do so, wear eye protection and rubber gloves). Let the vehicle stand until the tank goes cold
            • Try the tap.... does it work (beware the caustic solution, catch in a plastic bucket or similar), if not...
            • Repeat the hose-pipe trick
            • If still no-go, take the van for a drive over the roughest surface you can find, get the tank sloshing about. If it still does not flow ....
            • Unscrew the tap and be damned, you have nothing to lose.... pouring hot water over it may help unstick the threads (like your mum did to remove stuck jam-jar lids).
            But in the final analysis, as jayjay says, if you end up with water pouring uncontrolled from a destroyed tap ... just stick a bucket underneath! It's got to be worth a go at fixing it...

            Be brave!


              I only put about half a litre of water in the sink when testing thinking it was going to come straight out the waste tap not realising there was an actual waste. Would this be sufficient to reach the water level outlet?


                Originally posted by Anita52 View Post
                I only put about half a litre of water in the sink when testing thinking it was going to come straight out the waste tap not realising there was an actual waste. Would this be sufficient to reach the water level outlet?
                NO ... almost certainly not, the tank is pretty capacious.... it will take many litres of grey water. It could be that there is simply not enough water in there and / or the vehicle is parked slightly off level, preventing the water from reaching the tap outflow. I'd go for broke and pour at least a bucket full of water down the sink to be confident that there is a decent amount in there ... then try again.
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                  On my van (not a mezan) the holding tank is shaped to the lowest point
                  where the tap is a cupful of water would make its way to the tap if on fairly level ground


                    Anita 52 it took at least 20 litres before I managed to drain the waste tank the tap comes off the pipe very easy as long as you hold the pipe directly behind the bumper where the tap screws on,if you look at my picture the tank drained with the tap facing rear of bumper. Get some more water in the waste tank first and slowly rotate the tap mine goes through 360 degrees.


                      Well you will all be pleased to know that we did get the waste tap sorted. We emptied it all out. What a blessing to have guys like you around with such sound advice. We drove to a camp site and emptied our grey water. Put the kettle on for a brew. The cooker worked for a short while then the gas died. We thought of we have run out of gas. We turned the gas bottle off. Stated to unscrew the bottle and a lot of gas came out. I expected a little to come out because of the preasure but not that much. I quickly screwed it back up. Checked the cooker again after turning the bottle on. The cooker lit for a short while the died again. Could it be the coupling or pipe faulty?


                        Well done Anita ... it's called "a learning curve", before you know it you'll be giving advice to novices yourself !

                        What sort of gas tank do you have....907 Camping Gaz, Blue Calor gas or Red/Orange Propane? In most vans the system works Bottle >> Regulator >> Pipework >> in-line gas-tap somewhere before the cooker (often hidden in a cupboard or locker) >> cooker.

                        Just don't get into a tizzy, stay calm and be logical in your approach.

                        There's a number of things that could be amiss
                        • Not much gas in bottle... pick it up and give it a shake , it should slosh about
                        • Does the gas regulator have its own tap to switch it on... if so, check with the tap in all possible positions
                        • Gas regulator failed (they do quite regularly, I carry a spare)
                        • Gas leaking between bottle / regulator / pipe joints (get some kids' bubble-pipe stuff and brush it on likely spots)
                        • An in-line gas tap closed somewhere, often lurking in a cupboard out of sight.
                        • A rubber hose perished, the best ones are red and should be changed every 5 years. Black ones are dreadful and should be replaced immediately with red.
                        • Blocked jets in the cooker... be careful, they are made of brass, very soft and easily mangled.
                        Good luck!

                        Mike R


                          Anita52 On some gas bottles you need to turn anti-clockwise for on which is odd to most of us...
                          Too old to know everything!


                            Originally posted by JimBro View Post
                            Anita52 On some gas bottles you need to turn anti-clockwise for on which is odd to most of us...
                            Indeed JimBro , also Anita52 .... on this subject... some regulators of the posher bulkhead-mounted kind have a push button to initiate flow rather than a tap.

                            Going back a step or two to where you said gas leaked big-time when you tried to take the bottle off of the pipework, this suggests to me that you are using the blue Camping Gaz 907 which just screws off and then self-seals. If that's the case some leakage is inevitable as you do so, so you need to spin the bottle off quickly and decisively accepting some gas loss... being tentative will only prolong the agony. Calor in blue or red tanks have their own tap on the bottle itself... anticlockwise = open, clockwise = closed.... just like a kitchen sink tap. Plainly they have to be opened before gas can reach the regulator.

                            Stick at it... be systematic and logical.


                              If your camper is fairly new it might have a 'crash sensor valve' built in, screwed to the bodywork close to the gas bottle. These crash sensors shut off the gas supply in the event of a crash, or as I found out, even if you just brake hard. They have a green button in the cast aluminium regulator. To reset the crash sensor into working order you push the green button in, it is fairly small about the diameter of a fat biro pen. When you push it in you can hear a ball bearing rattling around inside and you have to hold the button in until the rattling stops. Then the gas runs through the pipe as normal.
                              I am surprised that whoever sold it to you didn't show you how it all works.
                              We're here for a good time, not a long time.


                                All sorted now guys thanks. When we go on our next site trip we plan to try and fill up the on board water container . We are trusting that that will be a simple procedure to do. Hand book at the ready just in case. We are taking drinking water with us. As we don't want to drink from the tank. Only for washing dishes and washes. We are learning day by day new things on the Mezan. We never had a proper demonstration of how everything worked when we bought it. The caravan dealer was only interested in £. He promised if we went back on the next Thursday he would give us an in depth explanation how everything worked. We went back as arranged he said the tec man wasnt in that day. Hence we have been very green around the gills in understanding everything. We are happy to say now though apart from starting the pump on the water heater we know how everything works. Thanks everybody for your support


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