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C15 Hylo on ferry - car or motorhome?

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    C15 Hylo on ferry - car or motorhome?

    Hello there, haven't posted for a while as I've not been doing a lot of romahoming!

    Anyway, next month I'm taking my Hylo to France, which measures 4.6x1.86 at the longest points. This puts it well within the 'large car' size for both p&o and dfds of 2.3x6m - yet when I asked both companies what I should book as, they said as a motorhome.

    But if you book as a motorhome, even putting the exact size in on p&o (dfds doesn't have this option) you end up paying £20 more for both companies.

    So I've emailed to ask why this is. So far dfds has responded to say if it has a bed and cooking facilities I have to book as a motorhome or I'll be charged at the port.

    I responded to point out they haven't answered my question, which is WHY I have to pay extra, because it's clearly not for the size of the spot on the ferry. I've asked them why the contents of my vehicle mean I have to pay extra.

    I'm still awaiting a reply from both companies - it just seems terribly unfair a little c15 has to pay more than a huge Chelsea tractor that's both taller and longer.

    Anyone booked their romahome on as a large car before and did it lead to problems?

    No experience of cross-channel ferries as we've only ever used Scottish ferries (Calmac and Northlink), but on those our R20 has always been charged the same rate as a car of the same size. I've seen references to extra charges based on height, but that seems unlikely for a C15. I'm pretty sure that the Channel Islands, Isle of Wight and Isle of Man didn't charge extra when we looked, although we've not been to any of them yet.

    I'd guess the only reason is "because they can", i.e. enough people are prepared to pay it. Or maybe routes that are more reliant on tourism rather than commercial traffic need to be more encouraging.


      I imagine its because the majority of motorhomes they carry will be bigger than a standard car and if they make exceptions for smaller ones then the owners of larger motorhomes will start to complain. Not saying it's right as it should be based on the dimensions of the vehicle only.
      Better a rainy day on the hill than a sunny day in the office!


        Cross channel ferries and tunnel, a motorhome is a motorhome not a car, if you book as a large car they could turn awkward at the port and refuse to transport you or refund your money if you break their terms and conditions.

        You must read the terms and conditions for each of the companies that you are thinking of travelling with, they can be very strict.

        Eurotunnel for example segregate caravzns, campers and motorhomes because they carry gas, they (at least in the UK) check that your gas is turned off at the cylinder and they load you last.

        The ferry companies may have other reasons for wanting to know what type of vehicle it is and the exact dimensions. This could be to allow them to plan how to load the ship.

        We recently came back from France on a Brittany Ferries fast craft from Cherbourg and we were loaded last and had to reverse on. When travelling in the past on the Condor fast craft via Jersey to St Malo we havd been measured on the dockside and asked if we know our weight so that they could place us in particular parts of the catamaran to makd max use of space put zlso to aid balancing. Not as critical on a large ferrry with big balast tanks.



          Reply from dfds:

          "Our car options are for passengers travelling in a vehicle with up to 9 seats and boot space.

          "Your vehicle is classed at as a motor-home as it has the same facilities which is already explained by Katie, because of this it needs to be booked and charged on a higher tariff."

          I've replied again pointing out that my question wasn't what to book as - it was why does it cost more to take my tiny motorhome. It's clearly not based on vehicle size, so I'd really like to know what the extra 20 quid is for!

          If there's a valid reason, then fine, but if it's just because they can, they should come right out and say it...

          P&o and dfds basically costs the same so I might pick which to travel with based on the most 'creative' reasoning


            Seems bonkers that 9 people can travel for less than 2 in a car which is longer, wider and taller. They might also have a gas stove which would need to be checked if they are going camping so what extra are P&O/DFDS going to give you for your extra 20 quid?

            A few years ago I'd booked Irish Ferries Anglesey to Dublin for myself, 2 kids, 2 dogs in a 20 foot motorhome. Then I changed to a 4 x 4 car towing a large folding camper, same occupants, about 4 feet less high but a good 12 feet longer. No extra charge. Not even an admin fee. Crazy.


              Oh it gets better - I stubbornly prodded them abit more as they wouldn't answer the question - and this was the bottom line:

              "As it does not have the same facilities as a car and normally the dimensions are larger."


              P&O and Eurotunnel haven't replied yet (Chunnel's probably a bit busy at the mo). I understand at the tunnel you have to have your gas checked to make sure it's off, which I guess is what their extra £30 is for.

              P&O actually ask the size of the motorhome though, so I'll be fascinated to find out why my teensy camper, which is miles below the max size for their large car category, costs 20 quid more...


                Does it really matter? its only £20, you seem to be making a lot of fuss about it?


                  Yes it does matter, it is another example of Big Companies charging extra 'just because they can', when they are not providing an extra service. We could reasonably claim we should pay less, because guess what happens if the ferry is overbooked, or is running late? WE, in our MOTORHOMES get told by the staff that WE can stay overnight on the docks because we have living accommodation, don't we. Whereas the cheap people in the cars cannot stay overnight and rescue the company from their predicament.
                  Isle of Man ferries charge the same rate for a motorhome (up to 6.5m) as they do for a car. DON'T TELL THEM ABOUT P&O and DFDS, or they'll quickly change. However, they do charge more for a van. If you have a small van you get charged a commercial vehicle rate which is higher than for the same size, or bigger, car. They are assuming you are making a profit out of the journey and it is their bounden duty to relieve some of it from you.
                  The king knows all that they intend by interception which they dream not of.


                    Basically its their rules, you take it or leave it. If you want to travel with them, accept their terms and conditions, if you don't accept them, then travel some other way. Simples. Airlines, hotels, everyone has t&c's. Another thing is that the Hylo, although small compared to some motorhomes, is actually quite long. My friend on here had one and it was considerably longer than my SWB Boxer Campervan and I suspect longer than your average car. Not as tall or as wide, but still long! You pays your money (or not as the case may be) and takes your choice.


                      Originally posted by maddy View Post
                      Does it really matter? its only £20, you seem to be making a lot of fuss about it?
                      Of course it matters - there's a principle at stake, and £20 is a lot of money to some of us! Can feed myself for a week on that.


                        Originally posted by Caz View Post
                        Of course it matters - there's a principle at stake, and £20 is a lot of money to some of us! Can feed myself for a week on that.

                        Ah. So, two tins of cat food per day, at £1.43 a tin. That's £20 a week. Enjoy.
                        The king knows all that they intend by interception which they dream not of.


                          I'm glad you're wealthy enough to think paying £20 for absolutely nothing doesn't matter - I'm not.

                          Frankly, I don't think it should go unchallenged -it's profiteering. And the Hylo fits well within the length the ferries list for a large car as well as the height - that's why it seems rather unfair.

                          But as has been pointed out, all the cross channel companies charge extra for a smaller vehicle when it comes to little motorhomes, so I've no choice but to pay one of them - which is why it's profiteering.

                          I'd like to go by Eurotunnel but may well be priced out as its a whopping £50 extra! I phoned up and they said yes it would be loaded on the double car decks but yes it would have to pay the motorhome rate.

                          I asked how that was justified and she said 'where do you draw the line with what's classed as a motorhome?'

                          I pointed out that they had drawn a line, at 1.85m, but that was shrugged off...

                          I just really don't like paying for nothing, is all...


                            Originally posted by gasgas View Post
                            Ah. So, two tins of cat food per day, at £1.43 a tin. That's £20 a week. Enjoy.
                            No, never buy cat food. I spend about £70 - £75 per week on groceries, which includes dog food for 2 dogs and human food for 3 adult people, plus other household essentials like washing powder, shampoo, shower gel, cleaning materials - so I reckon that's about £20 per adult for food.

                            Maybe you don't shop as frugally as I do?


                              My favourite shop is my local Waitrose. If you want bread or cakes, at 7pm each evening they reduce the Posh Bread from about £1.70 per loaf to 10p. All their other reduced stuff is genuine reductions, unlike Morrisons which reduce items to significantly more than the original price, in the case of things like £1.50 each or '3 for £3' then the reduced price is £1.20 each. The big flashy sticker gets some people to buy them.
                              Waitrose on the other hand do something strange: I once went in and picked up three items reduced to 10p each, and with a basket full of groceries (all reduced) I went to the checkout, having worked out the price of the items which totalled 78p. They went through the till, and the end total on the display was
                              I laughed and said 'that means you owe me £2.60'.
                              They said yes, that's right, and proceeded to open the till to give me the money.
                              I said 'don't be silly, its 78p. Here you are, I don't want a receipt'.
                              They said 'no, it's right. it works like that sometimes. It is where your three items were on a special offer, and if you take three you get refunded the discount from the original price of three separate items'.
                              So I left the store having been paid £2.60 to take two carrier bags of stuff away!
                              On top of that the staff, and atmosphere at the shop are very nice. And I get a free cup of coffee if I want it. Their 'essential' own brand products are very good quality and the same price or lower than Morrisons.
                              Lidl is a dangerous store. Lots of them have their own bakery. Warm Doughnuts at 19p, croissants at 25p. Phew, it takes a strong will to walk past those.
                              The king knows all that they intend by interception which they dream not of.


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