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Provence in Early Winter

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    That looks a very lonely spot but quiet!


      I have emphasised what Provence in winter is like, rather than our camp spots but we try for that sort of stop. We only stayed at free aire once. We like to be alone and our toilet system is better rural, unless the aire has a toilet. Like that spot, it is the base for a walk we plan for the next day and we are there already.


        December 12th
        there is a lovely cliff walk above the Route de Crete, the day was fine we ran out and back IMG_6603-800x600.JPG
        interesting rock formations crab claw?
        As the day continued it got warmer
        and warmer, lovely in mid December
        by then we were returning. Lunch in the car, then return down the track we had negotiated the previous evening
        It was too late to do a second walk. Cassis is a hotspot overcrowded in the season. So We visited a famous little beach Figuerolles with very tight access that would be painful to visit in summer. 4 other visitors there.
        after that we decided to start our way home we got to the Ardeche gorge that night.
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          The rest of the way home. 13th to 17th
          we spent a day on gorges, The ardeche was wet and slippery limestone slabs tilted towards a drop into the river that continued as far as the eye could see, so we retreated and went to another gorge the Ceze, which was less dramatic but safer.
          We returned, by a stop near Lyon,
          a coombe feature near Dijon,
          a forest walk near Reims
          and an afternoon ferry from Calais.
          as soon as we left Provence which had been basically dry, we were traveling up the Rhone and everything was flooded. The upper Rhone had clearly had significant rain.
          every day we drove an easy 300 kilometre and had a walk in the part of the day with the predicted best weather.
          we drove through a snowy landscape for half of one day but did not need our chains.
          We did a total of about 2500miles, our speedometer is dicky so I am not sure of that. We recorded the equivalent of 349 pounds of fuel expenditure. It is no longer true that diesel is much cheaper in France than Britain as the pound has collapsed. It is still worth filling up in Luxembourg. Our engine is old and no longer as economical. We spent 72 pounds on ferries. Other than that we bought food at supermarkets for similar price as home, spent 80 cents on road tolls, by mistake! Nothing on eating out , nothing on car parks, nothing at camp sites, nothing on entry fees to attractions. About 10 euro on lpg for heating and cooking.



            We are off to the Calanque's in a couple of weeks, staying at a camping place in Cassis, for a bit of walking, we got the Rother Walking Guide for the Cote Azur from our last stays further east.....

            Would not mind hearing more about your highlights there...


              The calanques national park seems to be between cassis and Marseille. We did not get there, we did plan a route from cassis to cap de bon voyage with a bike return but spent too much time on the route de crete . The national park Looks good though.
              We spent our time ,which was only really a day, on the route de crete which is from cassis the other way to ciotat. And then a little cove in ciotat, figuerolles, I am sure it will be crowded in the season round there, but it is still off season now? The cliff path i would recommend, figuerolles is a bit of bother for a small cove but perhaps, there was a closed resturant down in the cove might be open now. You are more keen on restaurants than us. We saw people cycling on the route de crete, (the road was closed but cyclists like that) but some bits looked steep . The bike return on the other side was flatter.


                We would like to walk on both sides of Cassis...well, thats the plan for now...

                In terms of restaurants, they all seem to be heavily overpriced, as far as I have seen on the internet and the Michelin Guide, so we will stick to our own cooking...however, a light lunch here


                whilst shopping for veg and salad and fish and wine in Cassis might at some point be tempting.....


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