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Spain and Portugal in January

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    Originally posted by Derekoak View Post
    Yes interesting chart but algeria 99p still pretty good. . . . !
    I wish I was there Derek, but youknowwho won't go adventuring in that sort of weather.

    2 Algeria € 0,163 DZD 22,60 € 0,099 DZD 13,70 € 0,065 DZD 9,00 Unknown Unknown January 13, 2018
    is true in which case diesel is 0.099 Euros a litre (i.e. 9p a litre) or someone has slipped a finger. But then the petrol is 15p a litre and lpg is 6p a litre so it does seem probably true. OK its off topic. Enjoy your holiday Derek!

    The problem with that Andrew is the price in euros has become more expensive because of the fall in sterling.
    Sterling was below 1Euro to the pound ages ago, years before The Vote, then it rose again so its current value has nothing to do with The Vote.
    suivez l'aventure


      Luxembourg is still a tax haven....almost no duties on fuel there...same with tobacco...same for the earnings of multinational companies...

      Whenever I can I fuel up there.....might even go slightly out of my way to do so....that will show Apple and Amazon and all of them that I am just as clever than they....and just as corrupt...well, that might be too harsh a word in my case.. ;-)

      Taxation ( ) has to be harmonised, throughout the European Union, tax havens black listed, wages harmonised as well, and social security, and healthcare....and access to education, and.....worth working and speaking for...great project....that EU....


        Originally posted by Derekoak View Post
        ....... Fences and private signs everywhere, not welcoming!
        That is scary sometimes...especially when no one else is empty landscape, devoid of least visible ones.... fences and signs, no trespassing.....shotguns ready maybe behind does feel like an intruder...which one is...and maybe an unwelcome one...

        The only way to combat that feeling is getting into contact with people there......then the coin mostly flips to the other side.....unless one is in the middle of the playgrounds of the rich.....

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          No I did not feel in danger. I waved to the tractor drivers and got smiles back. We were on an Eu sponsored tourist path, big eu signs concrete road bad for walking, the locals want roads for agricultural access and twist tourism money for other purposes. They cannot mind the odd tourist lured falsely onto their road


            Yesterday was showers and sunny spells, trotted round 15 k of forest at 800m lovely views. Today and for a few days is good weather so we are going to Grazelima north of Ronda, east of Seville. It is the first ridge for rain from the south west the wind having come over flat Portugal, so it is famous for rain. The wind is not from the SW so it should be fine. We plan an afternoon cycling on a cycle path the Via Verde. Then some days walking up hills. It is hot enough to open all the windows, Blue sky no clouds. I will cycle in shorts. Hopefully now we are in Andalucia we can find barbecue weather.


              The via verde cycle path was lovely , old railway line along a river gorge lots of tunnels, the long ones with lights, hire of bikes and even tandems at one end. Picnic sites, mostly relatively smooth dirt track, some tarmac, perhaps mountain bikes slightly preferred but our road bikes were fine. Photos will follow but involve transferring to a tablet with the facility to reduce data size then transferring to another with prepaid mobile data!


                Are you taking any cities in down there..? Absolutely wonderful moorish architecture....and some great museums...


                  Not really, we did ronda, cordoba the town and mosque/church, Seville palaces and gardens, and Granada in a hired car from Torremolinos flight and accomodation deal years ago, we did not realize you had to book the Alhambra in advance so had to miss that. 2 years ago we walked into Ronda again and having booked visited the Alhambra as well as Zaragoza palace in the north. We have done the famous bits.
                  we also are not as keen as we were on Roman ruins, having seen a lot in Britain the aqueduct near Marseille, Pompeii, and3 including lots in Rome, the Pantheon my favourite, so now have RomanruinFatigue! I would like to see more greek ruins but having been to Athens Delphi, Olympus, and up the mountain, also to the island where the precursor temple to the parthenon is situated, Ephesus, etc.Also Minoan, Cypriot, Egyptian. And as an Austrian asks Vienna. I am sure we have missed a lot.
                  i sort of feel the older we get the more we need the exercise. Ruins and museums are for the young?
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                    Well, you could not step twice into the same river.....

                    I borrowed that from Heraclitus...


                    Time is a game played beautifully by children....


                      Yes well in the morning I can try again. We find cities difficult to drive in. And time consuming We parked outside Madrid and cycled in on a designated cycle path. But it did not get to the museum, so then we walked, quite a way through unimpressive streets to a museum. The aim was to see Guernica by Picasso. It was worth it, but it took all day and otherwise i only enjoyed the cycle ride.


                        They are absolute highlights, the Museo dePrado and the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum....I once did a show there at the Opera house and had to stay for a few weeks....lots of free hours I spent in them....I am into that kind of thing...very much so...


                        the Thyssen has a Picasso/Lautrec exhibition on, till the 21st January, I just have seen on the web...
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                          Really bad signal here, but i put the guggenheim in Bilbao on my bucket list after you mentioned it. Perhaps not this time though. Probably Spain most winters so plenty of possibility


                            Talking bucket lists, on mine, live music...


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                              And in the Prado to look at his work once more.....
                              again...and again...

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                                And then the Goya the Prado...

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