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Planned campervan holiday in Germany Sept.2018

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    Planned campervan holiday in Germany Sept.2018

    I spent about 8 years living in Germany whilst I was in The Army, We did have a tent and did do some camping then. This was 20+ years ago.Lots has happened since then including divorce and marrying the new Wife. I've always wanted to go back and the current Mrs is keen too! We've been talking about it for a good while.
    We have recently purchased a nu-venture Rio sand with this in mind.
    We're starting to plan our trip now. I work nights so will finish on the Friday morning, I'll have a few hours kip then we'll drive down to a site near Dover and stay the night.
    We'll then do either Dover/Calais ferry or tunnel Saturday morning and drive to Mohnesee where we're planning on staying 2 nights. We want to go to Munster zoo 1 of the days.
    I then want to visit Detmold and Bielefeld (where I used to be stationed) then work our way down through The Hertz mountains ending up in The Black forrest then
    coming back up the western side towards the Eiffel/luxembourg.. Getting back to the UK on the Friday (so a 2 week trip).

    I'll update this thread as the planning progresses but any recommendations/tips will be appreciated.
    At the moment I'm struggling to find a good on-line map showing caravan/camp sites, we'd rather have EHU and at least a bar

    We toured Europe last year as far as E Europe (Czech, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary). En route we had stops for a few days each in Hanover, Berlin, Dresden, Munich, Freiburg (Black Forest) and Alpirsbach (Black Forest)

    Can I highly recommend looking at the Alpirsbach site . One of its unique features is the offer of a free beer on arrival! It has a small bar and restaurant on the campsite - good prices both for food/drink and even beer to take away. Only bottled beer but from the local Alpirsbach brewery about 1 mile walk away in town - half the walk is along a tarmacked woodland track. Nice staff and very friendly and helpful. The recommendation is because they included a Konus card which gives you free bus and train travel across the ENTIRE Black Forest area. Trains from Alpirsbach itself and buses from about 1/4 or so up from the site. It should be possible to cover a large area of the Black Forest from here although we just went to Freudenstadt a couple of times once by bus and once by train. If you are into beer the Alpirsbach brewery tour is interesting but entirely in German. Still it's good value for money in getting a nice little mug and a couple of beers.

    Freiburg is the main town in the region but the campsite was quite small. There is an excellent looking restaurant next door but it was pricey so we went into town. (about 3/4 mile) and there was an excellent restaurant with its own brew-pub. Nice walks from the top of thew cable car.

    We blogged our trip - mine has daily maps and my personal take on the world and Liz has a better camera and a different perspective


      rennie sounds great, we've not been to Germany camping so can't recommend anything but I hope you have a great time.
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        That's a good start Brian! thank you very much.I will read the blogs. I can remember visiting Munich and Titisee and I think I did adventure training somewhere near Frieburg
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          I've now found the ACSI site and we will be getting a card! They also have the map with sites I wanted, I've spent the whole morning looking. Thanks again! what a marvellous forum this is


            Rennie, if you haven't already done so, can I recommend that you try some Black Forest Gateau in the Black Forest? It's like Guiness in Dublin - allegedly the same, but totally different. We stayed on site near the village of St. Peter, (camping Steingrubenhof, page 252, Caravan Club's "touring Europe") a few kilometres from Freiburg.
            We moved from there to Bavaria, staying in Dinklesburg.
            Lovely holiday, would like to go back one day.............................


              Doh - forgot you may not know about ACSI. We also used Camping Card International - didn't use it as much as ACSI but still useful. One nice thing is that many sites will take it as proof of ID and hold on to it instead of your passport. I prefer that!

              In the UK we are a member of both Camping & Caravan and Caravan and Motorhome clubs and I think both of them sold the cards, probably at a discount. I didn't deal with that, Liz was trip financier!

              We do reckon we saved quite a bit with our cards though, tens of pounds over the cost of them but we were out a longish time (63 nights) so they got used a lot.


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