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The question of clean air car emission stickers

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    Oh, talking of windscreen space, one vignette, the Austrian one I think, mandated its position on the windscreen as on the lower right side of the windscreen (as viewed from inside the vehicle). Of course for UK vehicles this is the driver's side of the windscreen.


      Left on top edge of the windscreen or left of the interior back mirror on the windscreen which is almost in the Austria, that far as vignettes go...



        Originally posted by NiedrigerIQ View Post

        Europewide there are NO bans anywhere in any city our anywhere else on Euro 6 Diesels.....nowhere!....they are all excempt....ours is a Euro 6(d).....I can prove it anytime......I comply with all matter what the internet says about stickers...

        If you need them for peace of mind get them....I don't... ;-)

        Additionally, but this is off topic, I remember you cycling into city centres normally anyway..?

        So you are saying if you are modern enough to comply you can ignore the zones? Perhaps you have a get out of jail free card but surely it will cause you trouble because i do not think the legislation says that.
        yes going into cities in a car is a mugs game, we went all round barcelona and could not find parking in a good place without exhorbitant cost and came back next day by metro, much better idea.
        however i have a plan to show my car to someone in brussels and cant do that by bike .
        i also think zones will spread to towns.


          Originally posted by gasgas View Post
          I realised you meant rspb Derek, I was just joking. Seriously, do you mean that if you are a member you can park overnight in their car parks? That could be a reason for joining. I did sometimes stay in English Heritage car parks overnight with the warden's permission.
          Bring back those multiple tax disk holders you used to see on buses. We could have a chrome bar across the front of the motorhome with 20 pass-holders bolted to it. I suppose it's no use hoping that they don't have ANPR cameras and a reciprocal name-and-address database access agreement with the UK? I've recently returned from France and every day there were Police on traffic duty of some sort or another, whereas we don't have much in the way of Police any more. Luckily they didn't pull me over, I had lent my high viz stuff, spare bulbs, breathalysers and triangle to my daughter and forgot to get them back.
          It seems that we are now entering an era when we will be deliberately using our vehicles more than we would normally, just to make sure they are fully used before they have to be scrapped. How long will it be before your new Euro 6 £75,000 camper can no longer be used?
          I think you arenot allowed but if you try and are found out i feel they will be kinder to members. As i say we have stayed overnight in remote nt car parks and feel easier being members, but we mostly get the mèmbership for day parking .


            You just drive into our garage in Brussels and thats that.........

            There is a toll road in western Austria, the Silvretta Hochalpenstrasse, will set you back 15 Euros, but there are a few wonderful safe and wild camping spots there, at around 2000meters, made just for you!, you might want to look at walks (or runs ;-)) in the Silvretta as it is on your way to the Dolomites....a few days there might suite perfectly....

            I grew up close...and C knows the area better than any other Australian... ;-)
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                Originally posted by Derekoak View Post

                So you are saying if you are modern enough to comply you can ignore the zones? .
                sums it up, (Euro 6) everywhere in Europe, would not work in Brussels (the ignoring) with our Belgium numberplate if those stickers would be mandatory...but also that is not the case...currently...

                these things are aimed at domestic/commuter traffic....



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