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romahomes in le midi

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    romahomes in le midi

    Here's a pic or two of Me and peter and the local self-proclaimed mascot of sete, Regis and his dog Keta.

    Peter aka Geonomad and I met up in Sete in the south of France on tue eve. Peter left wed morning to go paragliding and I went kayaking on the canal du midi and spent some time at Cap d'agde naturism.

    I'm considering paddlingo into Monaco harbour to see the Fomula 1 grand prix sunday.

    Uploaded with

    Uploaded with

    The second pic shows my Romahome at the top of mont St Clair before my sat-nav took me on a break burning shortcut down the side to my French class

    Hi Nigel

    Great pictures, especially good to see one of you and Geonomad, what with paragliding and seakyaking what a pair of action men you two are.

    Did you meet up with Peter by chance or was it arranged? I think it might count as the most far flung small motorhome meet.
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      Peter must have read on this site I was down here and sent a PM asking were I was. The camp site is now a dump for beggers, alcoholics, tramps, polls, vagrants and now me and the Ecobezhig.

      One of the alcoholics likes to punch me in the stomach for fun and he always hurts himself after. After 31 years weight training I have a strong set of abs. He let me punch him in the midsection but when I did he fell back to the ground screaming. It suddenly dawned on me it was a stupid thing to do and he could have been killed. But he's singing still outside with a portugeuse fella so he's alive still.

      I'm learning french in a rough part of sete and for euros 30 a year instead of the euros 135 a week I paid for the first 2 weeks.

      I acheived an ambition of mine the other day, to be under a TGV train. That's to say i paddled under a bridge as it ran above me.

      This town is great for all activities of a waterports kind but there is a wind called le tramontain that blows hard for a few days.

      Living in a Romahome is OK but I could do with more space sometimes and it's important to be efficient with space too.
      I steal water from the local gypsys who have broken into some public land and highjacked a fire hydrant. They attached their own hose and ran it into there site. I just walk in and help myself to about 40 litres. I use sea water for the toilet or the daily Star I buy from the newsagent at the local nudy resort. I only go there cos the shop keeper is about 24, blonde and always has a quick chat. I can't help but wonder how many copies of the paper I have bought and rarely read.

      Camping wild is much better in France than the UK.


        More pics from the Sete Romahome Meet:

        Nigel and his drinking buddies

        Romahomes on the roam. Nigel is getting ready for his solar shower. Peter's towel is drying after spending the afternoon on the beach. It was a hot one.

        How was Monaco, Nigel? Did you manage to kayak in.



          Hi Peter,
          After working out the overall distance and cost and the fact I had to be back in class thiss morning at 9 I never went. Istead I sat in a pub at Cap d,agde with a few ladies and saw it on the tele.

          The irish fella had my wrath for making a fire and causing a big disturbance on fri morn. he tried to attack me with a baton but now he is in pain and the baton did not float. this is the short story, dont want to upset our elder readers.


            Sounds interesting Seems as if you're having a great time with lots of sunshine. Send some up to Normandy and Brittany for next week, please as we'll be hitting the coastline on Tuesday next and have ordered good weather.

            Can hardly wait, my first holiday in my newly acquired [but not new] Talbot Express 'Avalon'. In fact my first holiday in a motor home.


              On bit of advice, be efficient with your space.


                One of these days I'm gonna cut you into tiny pieces

                I said to the oyster that keeps scratching the side of my kayak at the landing steps. Or was it a line from a Pink Floyd song?

                I paddled out into the Etang de Thau towards Balaruc les Bains and that's where nature failed in tipping me over. The water was shallow and I was on my own away from the shore when I first saw them below. Tiny little fish swimming in panic as I cruised through their space. There was something else down there too, something more sinister and threatening to me. Splash and bang, splash and bang, splash and bang. The predater fish were going mad at my presence and were jumping out of the shallow water and hitting the side of the kayak, too far forward for me to catch in my hands. On the other hand it may not be such a good idea in case one attacked me and took hold of the tip of my nose. The moments passed and I went off to find a beach to sunbathe. Thirty minutes into my tanning attempt a young fella arrived out of nowhere. He was about my age, 20s ish, and a little shorter. We chatted for half an hour and I realised he had swam 1 kilometre from across the shore to where I was. I told him this and that and he said he wanted to work in tourism and had to speak English to get a job. I can talk in French but don't understand too well the responce.

                I said I'd give him a lift back to the other side and twenty minutes later I let him off with only a couple hundred metres to swim. It's strange cos when I looked back 5 minutes later I couldn't see him anymore so he was either a very good swimmer or a non swimmer, maybe I should have waited?

                There are 2 public holidays in France this week so no classes for me. Instead I have come to the Lac du Salagou jus 40 miles north of Agde.

                I stopped on a site at the waters edge and have now done 2/3 of the lake along the shoreline. I saw a fella with a strange bicycle device attached to the rear of a rowing boat so I crept up to him without him noticing me or hearing the water disturbed by me paddle. BONJOUR I said and jumped he did. It turned out he was an ex Israeli soldier who thought up the idea of turning the back half of a bike intole him to a paddle steamer. It was to enable him to peddle the boat against the wind instead of using the oars.
                I said I may join him at the lake side on wed but as I get free wi-fi here I may not do that now.

                The Romahome is going OK and I sleep well ish. I use plenty of water for washing and my solar shower. I bought a 20 litre jerry can for 12;80 euros only to find a perfectly good one floating in the inland lake behind Sete. I haven't cought any fish yet just a few fishermen's lines.


                  I do enjoy what I suppose could be called your diary of your exploits with the kayak - and others!! Please keep them coming when you can, they give a lovely picture of the area you are in.



                    one month done

                    This morning I completed my paddle around the lac du salagou.

                    Uploaded with

                    I did not take this pic but it gives an idea what the place is like.
                    The wind was blowing very hard and gusting around 50mph. I had to lean into it right on my side just to stay upright.

                    This next pic shows me battered and bruised by the spray and wind, normally I look like Pierce Brosnan.

                    Uploaded with

                    I had taken shelter in a small cove waiting for a lul.
                    Overall I think it's about 13 miles around the lake staying close to the shore. There are other camping cars and tents scattered about the shore with many of the occupants fishing, but not today. No other vessal was on the water apart from some kite surfers.

                    This old rusty device I found as I paddled away from the river that fills the valleys. I think it's a wind powered water pump.

                    Uploaded with

                    Tomorrow I will drive the Romahome to the Viaduct de millau. It's a tall bridge of which I'll paddle under and take some pics too. Afterwards I'll go back to Sete or Cap d'agde.


                      Are you stalking me?

                      I am at Millau this morning, too! Parked outside McDonald's for the WiFi.

                      What are the odds. Wonder if I will see you here. I just drove under the Viaduc myself. No kayak.

                      For those who don't know the Viaduc, here is a link to the webcam live - unfortunately it doesn't show the river with Nigel paddling...


                      I have been to Andorra and Spain in the past week.

                      It was 33C when we met in Sete, and it snowed in the Pyrenees on Monday morning! This has been the strangest spring.

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                        Hi Pete,

                        I awoke at the edge of the lake this morning and it was non stop raining. I decided to drive to agde but even there it was non stop raining. So now I am back at base but for a limited time as there are too many arguments and near fight. I'll probably stay in Sete or I could go to nr Meze depending on a lady I know from the french class.

                        Hope you're are well



                          Animal cruelty and gypsys

                          Not a good day here today. I returned to the camping car park, after my french class, to find a gypsy had taken my place, just like that with no thought about stopping to think or ask anyone. When I saw the thing I asked if we could swap possitions becuase I had been there for one month already, my kayak needed shelter from the wind being closer to my friends larger camping car. His wife said no. So when my mate Regis returned he got a ****** for being ignorant.

                          I paddled away for 3 hours along the Rhone to Sete canal and stopping at a town called Frontignon then returning on the sea. I feel happier when I am in the kayak and away from the noisy beggers, drinkers and vagrants. I always think there should be a special place for those kind of people that choose to live outside of normal social guidelines. Maybe prisons could be built to house them or they could be sent to an island in the middle Pacific Ocean.

                          The place where I get my water was over run by gypsys for a few weeks. They broke into a childrens playground and ran a hose from a fire hydrant across the road and into their new enclosure. This morning I drove there again in the Romahome and found they were all gone, thank God, I also filled my jerry cans with 70 litres of water so I could do my washing. Some of the people here think I am strange to wash myself every day and some items of clothing too. It's not that I'm obsessed with being clean I just don't want to be unclean or even worse anywhere near what they are like.

                          So for I have spent about 18 euros site fees in one month of camping. Most of the money goes on food from a high class shop called netoes or something like that. If I didn't paddle 15 miles a day I'd be richer.

                          Not sure if I miss the UK, not with all the trouble and expense there. I buy the Daily Star twice a week as it has other uses apart from reading it. Oh, bye the way. I saw a Romahome today at 4:45 pm heading along the rue de montpellier, it was a C15 version but not geonomad.

                          Dog lovers do not read any more.

                          There is a red Renualt Master van here. Inside lives a big, fat, pot bellied, old, bold headed, useless tramp and he has a boxer dog but he keeps it in the cab section whilst he sleeps and drinks in the rear. The dog is so thin and weak looking that I have decided to report it to the local animal protection society. If any knows who I should call please let me know as I do not have a number nor do I ever seek help from the police. It gets sooooo hot here and inside the van must be Hell and I'm sure it's illegal even though the French are known as being crual to there animals.

                          So not a good report but camping in France has good points and bad points.


                            Sounds like you are mixing with some lovely people , I think I would pack up and seek a decent camp site, the municipal sites are quite cheap, you wouldn't get so much trouble there.

                            Take care.
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                              I think you're right and that's what I'll probably do soon.


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