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Driving in the EU in 2019

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    Driving in the EU in 2019

    Quote 1:

    "If there is no deal with the EU, you may need to obtain an International Driving Permit (IDP) to drive in the EU. An IDP is a document which when carried with your driving licence means you would be able to drive outside of the UK including in EU countries. There are different types of IDP. Which one you need depends on which country you are driving in.

    If you currently drive outside the EU, for example in some states of the USA and countries including Japan, you may already be used to obtaining an IDP.

    You may be turned away at the border or face other enforcement action, for example fines, if you don’t have the correct IDP.

    You may also need an IDP to hire a vehicle when you are abroad.

    There are 2 types of IDP required by EU countries. Each is governed by a separate United Nations convention.

    One type is governed by the 1949 Geneva Convention on Road Traffic.

    The other type is governed by the 1968 Vienna Convention on Road Traffic.

    The version of the IDP you would require depends on which EU country you are visiting and whether it is party to the 1949 or the 1968 convention.

    Each type of IDP is valid for a different period.

    The 1949 convention IDP lasts for 12 months. After 28 March 2019 in the EU, a UK issued 1949 IDP would be recognised in Ireland, Spain, Malta and Cyprus.

    The 1968 convention IDP is valid for 3 years, or for however long your driving licence is valid, if that date is earlier. The UK ratified the 1968 convention on 28 March 2018, as a part of our EU exit preparations. The 1968 convention will come into force for the UK on 28 March 2019. After 28 March 2019, a UK issued 1968 convention IDP would be recognised in all other EU countries, plus Norway and Switzerland."

    Quote 2:

    "After March 2019, if you visit and drive in an EU country, for example on holiday, you would need both:
    • your UK driving licence
    • the appropriate IDP

    You would need both types of IDP if you are visiting EU countries covered by different conventions, for example France and Spain."

    IDP's might also be available here

    idp_europe_driver_license_id.jpg ​​​​​​


      Please no discussion in this above information might be helpfull for members planning a trip to the EU....and above info should not be hidden in the Poltics section.

      Discussions could take place here or in seperate threads...

      Here, in this thread, helpful information more, no less..
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        It wasn’t hidden there is a redirect in this thread for people to jump to the discussion. I’ve locked this thread.
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