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European Travel after Jan 2021. INFORMATION ONLY THREAD

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    European Travel after Jan 2021. INFORMATION ONLY THREAD

    Some useful information from the government website. There is a thread on the political section for any pet owning over 70s with health problems who may feel the need to let off steam. ​​​​​​
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    Thanks Jon.

    By all means folks discuss the new rules but if you want to vent about the rights and wrongs of it please do that in the political section 👍
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      jondxxx Looks like our posts crossed, great minds think alike!!!

      (And if anyone says "Fools seldom differ" I will hunt you down and make sure I pitch next to you with the brightest, most annoying flashing lights I can find!!!)


        I am pet owner and over 70 . I do not have a passport . my barge pole is next to the political section .


          Originally posted by Dave and Pat View Post
          I am pet owner and over 70 . I do not have a passport . my barge pole is next to the political section .


            I went to the Post Office a few weeks (?months - I can't remember, everything is a blur) ago and asked for an International Driving Licence. They said no, you can't have that. Where do you want to go? I said well, er, Germany, France, Holland, Spain, Portugal. Maybe. They said you need a separate Driving Permit for each country and it's £5 for each one and a separate photo, and we aren't doing photos during the current situation. Sounds as if we need to go with a fat folder full of permits, and shuffle through them at each border crossing. However, the border crossings I have flashed through at 60mph don't even have any buildings, let alone Polizia with guns so are they going to man the ramparts looking for British registered vehicles? EU BMWs can flash through at their usual 200kph.
            I dunno.
            Contrarily that gov www says

            "You might need an international driving permit (IDP) to drive in some countries.

            If you’re taking your own vehicle, you might also need a ‘green card’ or valid proof of insurance and a GB sticker."

            Yes I think we will need a green card, and a GB sticker but why does the gov say IDP and the PO say lots of separate ones? "Might?" "Some countries"?
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              Re international driving permits, it is up to each individual country whether they require one or not. Maybe some won't require one.
              I got the one for France. It has 8 different languages in it, so presumably it is valid in those 8 countries. The first one is some kind of Arabic, second and third look like Chinese and Japanese, fourth looks like Russian, fifth looks like Spanish which is odd because I thought Spain needed a different permit from France, sixth is German, seventh is Italian, eighth is French.

              Once things are back to normal you can get your permit(s) over the counter at a main post office, takes 5 minutes. They ask you what country or countries you're going to drive in and tell you exactly what you need. It's nothing to worry about and you won't need it until after 31 December in any case. The main problem is the size of the thing, it's not exactly credit card size, it's about as bulkly as a British passport.

              I don't see why you would need to show a driving licence at a border crossing. It's just in case you get stopped by the police while you're driving, you will need to show that you are entitled to drive in that country.
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                Unless things have changed, I think we only need two IDPs to cover most of Europe. My memory accuracy might be dodgy but there are 2 1968 and 1949 (I think). Each covers a number of countries. I actually got them for 29 March “exit” as I was going to be in Europe when Brexit was due to happen.
                Forgot to add, if you’re approaching 70 your UK driving licence will expire so they will only issue your IDP up to that date. So, if you can wait until you get your new licence it’s advisable to do so.


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