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    Caravan Club

    Until 31st January, for Caravan Club Members, doing 50% off DFDS Ferry from Dover. Just booked return trip in the Romy Dover/Calais in July for £49!
    I take it back all I have moaned about on the subject of C.C. Still cheap even if you don't use their sites in the UK.

    Tony Anchorman

    We have to go to Holland in April to help look after a disabled friend

    We will book a return from Hull to Rotterdam and the cost with the CC discount will be £314 a discount of 10% but we will buy 7 camping cheques from them at £13.95 each.

    The total cost will be £282. This is not a misprint, there is an extra discount when buying camping cheques, it is greater on some crossings than others.

    We will use the camping cheques during our trips to France later in the year.

    This offer is only available through the Caravan Club.



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