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Wasp and fly screen for Dimension

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    Wasp and fly screen for Dimension

    Well after a day cutting and sewing we now have a brand new fly screen that covers the sliding door on our Dimensions. A metre of black net a bit of velcro and there we have it. Can see out and T did not even notice it was there! So we can still sit and look at the view without flies and wasps coming in, it even has an overlapping slit so we can get in and out easily.

    I have learnt though not to buy cheap Velcro, will stick to the real thing in future!

    Nice one Flo, what a good idea, we are always getting flies and wasps in the van and its a bit annoying, especially when you get a fly landing on your nose in the middle of the night.
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      Fly Wasp Screen

      Hi Flo,

      Aren't you clever, that is exactly what I need. Is the patent pending?!!!!

      Any chance that you could post detailed instructions (or an idiots guide for me) so that I can have a go at making one.

      Thank you



        Will do so tomorrow it was dead easy but could have been even better if I had thought more about the opening and where it should be. Off to bed now as I have a 10 mile walk in morning and need my sleep!

        Night night.


          Well done Flo!


            Back now from my walk and here is the recipe for an insect screen.

            Buy about 1.5 metres of black net 54" wide. Width will cover the sliding door area for a Dimension and allow for an overlap for an opening.

            Cut to length plus a hem allowance to allow for inserting something at bottom as weights. I wanted my screen to rest on the step of the van and to be inside the van all around the edges.

            I turned over about 1" at top and sewed bias binding along the top as strength. I cut the curtain right down the middle to make an opening - location to suit however you get in and out - then overlapped the two sides and sewed top together again. I used non sticky velcro on curtain and sticky on the van. I sewed non sticky velcro on to the bias binding.

            I attached the barbed sticky velcro to the soft non sticky velcro already on the curtain and placed it onto opening and removed the backing paper and pressed velcro to wall to attach it to the van along the rubber seal of door and on wall of van near top corners of door opening.

            For the weights I used some from an old house fly screen which were at the bottom of net strips.

            Works really well but will get more velcro to fit it right along the top edge rather than just little pieces but I ran out in the middle. Will also get good quality sticky velcro as the cheap stuff falls off.

            Similar process would work for a smaller van.

            One thing to remember is to not let it catch on cooker although on testing it it just melted and did not catch fire.


              Fly Screen

              Hi Flo,

              I hope that you enjoyed your walk.

              Thank you for the instructions, I will definitely have a go at making one myself. It was the principal thing that I missed from the caravan as the flying creatures seemed to like my Dimension as much as I do!

              What is the next innovation? Will we see you on Dragon's Den?



                Actually for the sake of the few waspy weeks just some black net and a bit of velcro would do the trick without any cutting and sewing. Net does not fray so does not even need sewing.


                  Last year Lidl were selling fly screens which consisted of sticky-backed velcro (the hook side only), net and plastic weights.

                  Method: Stick velcro all round the van door, attach the netting (the little velcro hooks hold it very securely) and put weights on the bottom. No sewing - job done!

                  It works very well and is very quick. The basic materials are available anywhere, although you might have to buy both sides of the velcro and discard the smooth part.


                    Hi Wendy
                    We had the Lidl ones on each of our outside doors at home out but they were not wide enough for the van.

                    We also had some Lidl ones that were strips of net but the little blighters still got in. That is where I got the weights from.


                      I had 2 lots of Lidl ones and used 2½ widths of net on the van and the remaining 1½ covered the back door of the house. I lied in the previous post as I did sew 1½ pieces of net together for the van and that gave a nice overlap with the single width.


                        Both satisfactorily sorted then and only £1.60 and 10 minutes for a blind and stow away bag! The only problem now is to make sure we remember it is hanging there as it is practically invisible - bet the wasps will crash in to it. Have put a button on it as a door handle so we know where the opening is, T's idea!!!!

                        I am already on my next project and have been sewing all day. As one of my hobbies is sewing it is nice to have something to work on. The van gets more attention than the house these days.

                        Have also made another 'Romalay' cover, as the red one I had for the Outlook does not match the cream covers of the Dimension.

                        AH, well! a campers work is never done, but it is great fun doing it!
                        Last edited by Flo; 06-09-2010, 20:56.


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