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TV and Aerial

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    TV and Aerial

    Hi could anyone please tell me which is the best aerial to get because so far I have not been able to watch TV (not that I go away to watch TV) but it is good to have it when it gets dark, also is there a certain TV set which would be better for the van.
    Thanks Megan

    Slightly off thread. We have one of these . Superb value, and reception - just pop the aerial on the roof - it's magnetic. Recommended.

    They do have a range of different aerials, too.

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      Regarding an aerial, we find these are very good.

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        we used an indoor amplified aeriel when we had the romahome, it worked.....sometimes! It depends how strong the signal is in the area and we found that it wasn't really strong enough - it was a cheapo one though so perhaps you get what you pay for.

        When we changed to the next, slightly bigger van, we decided that we had enough room for an extenal travel aeriel that clamped onto the bike rack. It also came with some plates that could be stuck to the outside of the van and it could be clamped to them. I put an external aeriel socket in too, so we didn't have to pass the cord through a window - it saved cold getting in! This was a massive improvement on the internal aeriel. We also could use the onsite tv socket that is sometimes available at CC sites.

        Our current van has a roof mounted aeriel which works a treat and we have also the cable to connect to the onsite tv system still.

        having said all that, we hardly use the tv!! We mainly watch the news/weather every couple of days but it can be a godsend on miserable weather days or long winter nights - if you can find something you actually want to watch!!!

        As for tv, we bought a folding tv/dvd/freeview one of ebay for about £80-£100 I think. We still have it, but again, our current van came with a built in tv so we use that now.
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          We bought one of these, had it for a while and its perfect, cracking tv. the one we bought was brand new £85.00

          And the aerial we use as do many units, these are the most popular, we have never been without a good reception.

          there are differant strengths of this type of aerial, and the price does differ.


            I also have a little folding tv/dvd/ with built in freeview. I found it very handy in my small romahome, came with a little holder, so you could suspend it from a rail up out of the way. This one is very similar, I think mine has a 10.4" screen.


            Bought a stick on aerial (which rarely stuck!) still use it and get a good signal, I just chuck it up on the roof and point it in the same direction as everyone else!



              That is the set we currently have for the van but we paid more than that two years ago. Nikkai are a superb make and our little one for home in the kitchen is over 20 maybe 25 years old and still going stong. As it is not digital we were going to buy the one in Zaphod's link but as we can't get the campervan one to work at home we are going to wait a bit.

              Nikkai seem to specialise in small TVs

              Jayjay that one looks great. Choices choices.


                Originally posted by Flo View Post

                Jayjay that one looks great. Choices choices.
                When I bought mine it was over the £100 mark, but had it for three years now with no probs. The only thing I find could be better is the sound when playing a DVD, the volume is ok for the TV bit, but most dvd's play quietly and the integrated speakers won't turn up quite enough. Sussed this out in my van as there were already built-in radio speakers in there, so just ran a lead to them. A good set of computer speakers will work just as well for around a tenner.


                  I bought a splendid little portable speaker recently from Curry's. It packs away in a little bag, was voted best portable speaker by The Gadget Show and the sound is really good. Very dinky, so just right for the Romahome and £20.00! Marvellous


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