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    The fire bucket is, I believe, still a requirement on C & C C rallies. It may well not be suitable for an electrical fire but could be very useful in preventing a fire spreading to other units nearby by damping down dry grass; the idea is that a human chain is formed and fire buckets from units all around are used. They are also good for damping down enthusiastic barbecues when necessary.

    When we used to do a lot of C & C C Rallies the fire bucket was always the first item to be set up, after the caravan was unhitched and levelled. As a young dog, Jazz wouldn't drink out of a dog bowl so the fire bucket was necessary even when not on a C & C C rally, for his use. At one time we also had a couple of ducks in ours.

    If a fire happened in my van I'm afraid I wouldn't be reaching for the fire extinguisher which lives at the side of the front passenger seat. I would be grabbing my dog and getting out quick.
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      Originally posted by jayjay View Post
      I have a small red fire extinguisher in my van, which sits in the corner by the door. But these have a date on them, after which you should replace them, and I think mine must be out of date by now!
      I found a well out of date powder extinguisher in my garage so I thought I would see if it still worked. It did, and sprayed the garden with white powder. My conclusion was that if your unit really catches on fire so the blanket is not big enough to extinguish it, then you are looking at an insurance write off anyway so it doesn't matter if you spray it with white powder or not. Other than if you do extinguish the fire, at least your neighbour's unit won't go with it, nor the garden fence! The powder makes such a mess that even if you only end up with say a charred gas hob surround, you will never ever get the white powder out so it will be written off anyway.

      I love the sound of your ICI job Smurf. It reminded me of when I was doing O level chemistry at school. A mischievous chap got fed up with turning lime water milky and went round the chemical shelves taking anything that sounded as if it produced oxygen, or anything he knew would burn. He was grinding it down to a fine powder in a mortar and pestle in one of those recessed ceramic sinks. I was at the other end of the lab. There was a sort of whooshing noise and I looked up to see a 10ft high bunsen flame shooting up to the ceiling. It burned a small hole in the ceiling and removed the chap's eyebrows and half his hair. Very impressive it was. His punishment was to clean up the mortar and pestle (which is the bowl, I can't remember). After several weeks trying in the metal work room with grind stones, he gave up. They then cut the bowl in half and found the heat had fused the glaze into the pottery part.
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