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12volt LCD TV

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    12volt LCD TV

    Could I have your opinions on Small TV's that are good and dont use much
    juice, when Wild Camping when a Site is not nearby ?

    Got myself a lovely little TV for camping, even has a holder so that you can hang it up somewhere out of the way or over the back of a car seat. It has an internal 3hr battery, 12volt charger/connection and also 240v thru a small transformer, flat screen, approx 12" screen and a built in dvd player! Oh and built in VHS & Freeview tuners for TV. Games CD that is 8-bit so suitable for a 7 years-old... nice little extra tho to keep little ones amused.

    I bought it from ebay a couple of years ago and never regretted it!... The one below is very similar. A search for TV's with built in DVD player comes up with some expensive giszmos, but a search for DVD players with built in TV comes up with cheaper options. I've never managed to get the freeview to tune while out in the van, but it does tune in at home on the main ariel. I just watch the news and take CD's in case there isn't even one channel!


      Iv'e got a similar thing to the one that Jayjay shows in her reply. Mine also has a built in Freeview tuner, but even after buying a booster arial, we have never achieved a watchable TV station. I do as Jayjay does, and take DVDs with me. This makes the unit quite an expensive DVD player, and not a Freeview TV as advertised. I now have to struggle to find worth while films to watch. I won't spend more than a fiver on a DVD, so I'm about five years behind with my film veiwing habits.



        we also have a very similar set up. We managed freeview once, down at folkestone on a site at the bottom of the cliffs about 200yds from the sea, we got about 60 channels!!!

        We then bought a travel external aerial that clamps to the bike rack and we have got freeview everytime we've tried. Its not an ideal solution as the aerial is big, and if you are 'wilding' you problably don't want things outside, but it suits us just fine when we are on sites
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          I got an outide aerial that sticks on to the outside and that was the only time I got freeview channels in my camper... You can always rely on channel 4 VHS... it's the only Tv VHs channel I can get now (and no snow), I can't get any freeview here since retuning the lounge tv.. so I use the sky box. I thought the fv signals were supposed to get stronger when they turned off the analogue, doesn't seem to have happened here, so now, if sky is down (happens sometimes in very heavy weather) I don't have nuffing!

          i haven't tried the little tv retuning yet, will do soon though.

          The outside aerial for the van took up too much space, but it did work. Might take it with me now I have a caravan boot to put it in! Maybe it will stick to this caravan, it wouldn't stick to my little romahome for very long as it was sloping, but I could stick it to the roof before I pop it.... hmmmmnnnn
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            Small TV

            Hi a 7in one at "Maplins" only £79.99 or £69.99 for a B Grade ?

            Also this 9in dvd/tv at £129.99 or a B grade at £99.99
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              I bought one of the suction cup aerials last year. It did get a good digital signal on some sites in the north west, but it kept falling off, the suckers didn't hold very well even on the windows - and the cross bits are attached by plastic bits which soon snapped off when it kept falling off. I tried sticking it back together with duct tape but it didn't hold.

              Going to try one of the little magic aerials when I get a new telly - the 15" LCD from Tesco which I used in the caravan is a bit big in Frisky, so I've been looking at a 10" one on E-bay for £90 - auction has ended now but I'm sure they'll be similar ones when I can afford it:

              Used to use a magic wand aerial on a little b & w telly I had and it worked well, but that was before digital had been heard of. Even though it's used "indoors" I'm hoping the signal will get to it through the poptop better than through the metal sides.


                We use the magic wand aerial and have got good signals on digital in certain places but nothing at all in others, its seems to be a bit hit and miss depending on the area.
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                  signal booster

                  Hi i have a 12v lcd tv with freeview and get a brill picture,but i bought a 12v signal booster with it which is powered off the leisure battery,such a good picture,bought them both from Maplin,not cheap to buy,Brian


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