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Samsung NC10

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    Samsung NC10

    I have found out purely by chance that Samsung have extended the warranty on their very popular NC10 netbooks to 2yrs following the dreaded 'white-screen' fault which effected many of these netbooks often after the one year warranty. I have successfully persuaded them to repair my much loved but horribly screen impaired sammie today and am awaiting a phone call from the service centre to arrange pick up. I bought it via Amazon in April 2009.
    If anyone else has a sick NC10 it is worth ringing their customer serices - I have a hopefully standard rate number accessed through a helpful website. If your netbook is more than two years out of date it would be sensible to ring them as soon as possible.


    I have to say after a slightly tense beginning the call handler was very helpful and friendly!

    I am off-grid at home and in the van for a lot of the time and had an NC10 for a while, it was a really good netbook. My solar panel kept up with it, which was a first for a computer.

    But I'm now using an Asus EEEPC 4G. It's not as good as the samsung, but:

    a) It's much cheaper (mine was £55 from Ebay)
    b) It has a 9.5v power supply. This is great, because it means you don't need an invertor; saves a lot of battery!

    The screen is not as big, and the keyboard is not as good. But it allows me to keep in touch, and if my usual clumsiness kills it off (and let's be honest, it's more a case of when than if), I can get another for cheap.

    Just a little review.


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