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Satellite Dish for Campervan

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    I will Answer as best I can there are those who dont watch tv Or football.thats there choice. apart from the joking .You will find an answser on this friendly forum to any topic ..To recap most New TVs now come with a Free View tuner built in . so you only need an Ariel and a strong signal .Small aerial will need a booster that needs 230 or 12v to it some TVs can back feed this back down the aerial wire done in its settings . Some TVs Have a sat connection but need a separate tuner freesat or sky..some tvs have a Freesat tuner built in .so all you need is a Sat dish .I did have a pole a full sized tv aerial and a booster but in some areas there was no signal . the pole fixed on the tow bar at one site still no signal a chap down the site was getting Tv his pole was 3ft higher than mine ... thereto clue on site are there houses about with aerial on the roof ir they at=re large and have tall polls then the chance of a signal is poor . I always used to looked where they were pointing .and acceptr=ed at times it would be a DVD to watch ...You do have re tune to Freeview when arriving on site.


      I'm new to the forum but having read this thread felt compelled to add my own experience.
      On our first outing, we took the 15 inch portable TV that resides in our kitchen and a full size indoor/outdoor aerial. We had a few days on a site in wales and I spent quite some time trying to get a signal. A regular on the site spotted me and told me there was no reception as the site was too low down so I gave up. Deciding this problem would occur again. I bought a 21.5 inch combo TV from Aldi with built in DVD and satellite receiver. I also bought, again from Aldi, a portable satellite dish and receiver. I have never managed to get the TV to work directly with the built in receiver so I use the receiver that came with the dish. I bought a plastic washing pole ground screw from Wilkinsons for about £5 and fixed the dish mount to it. This allows you to screw the mount into the ground and then mount the dish in top. There is a page in the satellite dish instruction booklet that shows the direction of the Astra satellite against south pole so I use a compass and the page to point the dish in the general direction. The angle of dish itself is just beyond vertical i.e. point the dish face at right angles to the ground and tip it backwards by a small amount. At this point, I connect everything up, and switch everything on and set the receiver to channel 1. By gently rotating the dish about the direction of the Astra satellite position, eventually a picture appears.
      I originally set this up in the garden at home and tuned into Astra. Ever since it's taken me about 10 minutes on site to get the tv up and running. The benefit of this over a magnetic mount is that you don't have to remove it and set it up again when you have been out for the day. You can often pick up portable satellite dishes and receivers up on ebay for £20 ish. I have been stopped a few times on site by other campers asking where I got it from because of how easy it is to set up. And the most important this is that as long as you can see the sky, you can get a signal (even in Wales). Both the TV and satellite will operate on either mains power or 12 volt so main power is not necessary. I'm sure there will come a time when the signal is obscured by something I've not encountered so far but to date it has worked well for me.
      I hope this is of some use/interest to someone.


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