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Kobo E Reader.

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    Kobo E Reader.

    Adverts have started appearing on the television for Kobo e readers.
    Very similar in looks to the Kindles with similar claims and price.
    Sold by W. H. Smith, presumably in store.
    Must be a competitor to Kindle, though the Kindle seems to have a head start.
    I wonder which is best?

    Here's a link:
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    The colour Kobo tablet is quite a nice piece of kit, and because it runs Android you can use it for more than just a book. It would be nice for going online.

    However, the black and white ones are not special; there's lots of wasted potential in them. Saying that, they can read Epub files, which means you can download books from libraries instead of being forced to deal with Amazon's own format.

    I have a Cybook Opus which is as good as any of the black and white Kobos, and they are currently £69 new.


      Just got a Kobo touch for my Mum's xmas present for Dad. It seems good, in general, with some plusses and minusses.

      There doesn't seem to be a way of organizing books on the Kobo. It's a flat directory structure, and you need to use the search by author/keyword/etc function to find the books you're looking for. The front page shows the last five books you've accessed though, and there's a way of adding books to a 'favourites' list apparently. Kindles have 'collections' which are pretty feeble, but way better than nothing.

      Books you buy on the Kindle are tied to the devices you have registered with Amazon. Apparently Kobo books can be read on any device after download (I've not tested this yet).

      If that's the case, then you can buy books from the Kobo site, and read them on your Kindle (Use Calibre to convert and organize stuff), but if you buy books from Amazon, you won't be able to read them on a Kobo unless you're removed the DRM system.

      The thing that swung it in favour of a Kobo for my dad though, is it has Sudoku built into the 'extras' menu!

      They both seem good, within their design limits though.


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