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Roof boxes

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    Roof boxes

    Anybody have any experience of roof boxes? I know they have an effect on fuel economy, but has anyone used or uses them? Are they secure, which are the best, any opinions please.

    No experience with a roof box, however, we got a roof tent on top of our car, weight around 60 for taking it on and off we use this...:

    ....fuelwise, its a big block on our roof, so more wind resistance than a slimlined roofbox, 0.7 litres more per 100 km....

    I'm probably off topic so please ignore....


      I thought about putting a roof box on my car. Of course then I would need to take a set of steps with me to access the contents. As I'm planning a pop top roof installation, it's probably not a good idea - although raising the roof and opening the box would inevitably give immediate access to whatever I stored inside!

      As I can't reach the roof of my van to clean it without climbing a stepladder, I doubt I would be able to load/unload a roof box. Just something you might need to consider.


        Thanks for the comments. I will be using it for car camping, with a Toyota Corolla, so access won't be an issue. I am mainly concerned with security as it will be easy to reach. Are they really robust or am I asking for trouble? Have any members of this forum any experience of them, short or long term? 😊🚙


          Can't really comment on security as I've never used a roof box, but another thing I thought of was the weight you put inside.. that needs keeping an eye on because of loaded weight maximum figures.

          I guess a heavy padlock would be a good idea!


            This is something I will be looking into when eventually out of lockdown and able to travel again. My concern isn't so much security but being able to fit beneath some specific height barriers.


              For ease of access we got one of these...


              but I'm off topic again....

              I think in a roof box are normally lightweight not too valuable I would not be worried........

              I would also trust these...:


              ...anyway, I am mostly travelling in almost civilised countries, so we are not permanently surrounded by robbers and thieves...... ......;-)
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