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Romahome Table

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    Romahome Table

    We have handed in our Outlook table with the van and now only have the Dimension tables. We actually prefer the Outlook table and wondered if anyone knew where we could get similar. Oblong with folding metal legs.

    We have never liked the pole in the 'van floor' type tables as we tend to like a freestanding one.

    Hi Flo, I'm looking for the same. Yesterday I came across this site: (product overview then scroll down to - Tables, Legs & Shelf Brackets)

    You have to buy the parts separately but you can then make a table top the size you want.

    Ok, not the answer you wanted but it's a start ;)

    Good luck with your search & I'll let you know if I find anything better
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      We have dispensed with our Dimension tables altogether as we found them too big and heavy. We use a tripod base: see here
      Expensive, but really useful as it can be used outside as well and moved around inside to the most useful position. We had to buy a shorter leg as using the one of the Dimension legs made it too tall. Our son then made a wooden table top for us.
      Not a very good picture, but the best that I could find. Apologies for BIL's legs - socks and sandals.
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        Thanks Derwen and Wendy. Son's are very handy aren't they and that looks like a nippy little table.

        But I have found the very thing for us, the feet bars should fit in between seats. It is the most suitaable I have seen and if one of us is sitting on the 'sofa' and one on the rear passenger seat then we should both be able to reach our dinner plates. As it is plastic it should be OK outside and will also double up as a head board (plastic is washable!) between cooker and the doorside bed where it can also be stored. Also if beds are made up then it should slot down the gap between them from dashboard backwards - if that makes sense - so we can use it for drinks or nibbles when watching TV or listening to radion in bed!

        Mind you it is never easy to assess suitability until it arrives, if it does not fit then it can join the other two bad table purchases in the attic.

        Here is link:


          Sounds interesting Flo but the Ebay link does not take one to a table.


            Odd, it takes me to a table but maybe that is because of some kind of internet magic connected to me searching earlier! Anyway if you go to ebay UK and search using :

            Folding Craft / Personal Table or craft table or similar it should come up. Very quick as I have just had an e mail saying it will be delivered tomorrow so if it comes I will post to say if it is any good. Only ordered today at 11.30


              The table arrived and it is really nice and well made, lightweight and practical. Just not what I wanted. The legs fold but only by taking them off. To much faff for me so we have decided to stick with the £5 Morrisons fold up wooden one. Fits the van and easy to fold up in one action. Stores behind passenger seat and if it rains we will just not use it outside. Job done.

              Only problem is that the attic is now getting full up with camping tables that are not suitable. Lucky for our son, as he now will be getting a small neat table to use as he sees fit!!


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