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Driveaway awning/tent/gazebo

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    Driveaway awning

    Originally posted by Sue B View Post
    Hi everyone. I'm a newbie and looking for some advice and opinions please. I am in the process of converting a VW Touran into a camper. I want a driveaway awning/tent and have been searching the internet for something suitable. However, I have found that most are 2m high. My vehicle is 1.83 x 150 cms wide. I'm unsure what to do or what to buy. I was then looking at unconventional ways to set up tent, for example a gazebo but now I'm totally confused. Can anyone make any recomendations or help me get this sorted? Many thanks in anticipation.
    I use a Reimo awning for my caravan. But it is actually used the vw vans.



      I did point out that top pictuire on the right at the top of the forum header is a Romahome made by Island Plastics who also made the Rominis. But somehow the post disappeared.
      The critical dimensions of that model of Romahome are the same as a Romini. so the fit is good.
      I have one for my Romini and it looks good. But I have only ever used it once because I have not really seen the need being solo and moving on fairly frequently.
      I cannot rember the make and I do not know whether they are still available. Though I suppose mine is!
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