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Drive Away awning for Nu Rio (Rear Door)

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    Drive Away awning for Nu Rio (Rear Door)

    I am new to this site and to motorhomes having just purchased a Nu Venture Nu Rio. I would like to get an awning which fits the rear of the van but this is 2.54m high and 1.96m wide. Having looked at hundreds of adverts it seems the ones which are tall enough are too wide and the ones which are narrow enough are too tall! Can anyone help at all?

    Rear fitting Awning

    Welcome to the forums
    Great site with lots of friendly peps, with loads of fun and knowledge,
    If you follow this link it will take you to the forum accessories webpage,
    there are a few awnings that should fit your camper 2.5 m high,
    Ask about any particular one on the forum, someone could give you their own review and experiences,
    If mistakes are the foundation of understanding, i have firm foundation,Underpinned by much in the way of I don't want to do that again



      Hi everybody, I have just returned from France having gone there for a dog show, I loved every minute the nu venture rio was just brill the only problem was that we were unable to find any motorhome shops or firms that were into Motor homers I though that the French were into la camping! big time. As for finding any awnings I think I will have to wait until I go to the Bath dog show can anyone tell me if there is any around that way? I love my motorhome it is just right for me and a friend and two smaller dogs mine being a Maltese and my friend a Lhassa Apso, we bathed my Maltese in the van and got it dry for it to win First in his class and I have a cup to keep. Not bad for our first trip to Europe!


        Congratulations on your first place - always makes the trip worthwhile. It sounds like you had a good outing. I'm sure someone with knowledge of the Somerset area will be able to advise you on the subject of awning dealers. Have a good show at Bath.


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