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Lightweight awning/shade for most vans (including Romahome)

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    Sidick, yes I have written a review which I have submitted for publication to MMM do I am not making public until they accept/reject my article


      Originally posted by Sandy tea View Post
      That’s v exciting .
      Fascinating little thing.
      in fact there’s something about it that made me think of a “fascinator“
      (some years ago my late M-I law was trying to remember this word, and she described it as “you know, those little things on your head....a fornicator!)
      I went all nostalgic when I saw the Eriba Puck too. Loved mine...ah.

      Carpe diem! :)


        Bottom line on this is that Liz and I think it a keeper. It's not a luxury awning but a structured shade with optional side panels. We identified 6 different ways we could use it with our van!! Four or possibly five of these really make sense depending on the situation and weather. So it will justify its space in a locker.

        I'm hoping MMM pick up the review, it would pay for it! However if not I will publish my review on my blog site and will link to it here.


          I'm being dim here but I haven't understood how it attaches to the van. Does it need an awning rail or would it attach to a C15 Hylo?
          There is also this extraordinarily cheap one on Amazon't look nearly as pretty, but again I don't get how you fix it to the van
          Away with the Fairies


            It comes with two attached long guy ropes and also two rubber suckers. In reality we found the suckers pretty ineffectual but the idea is sound so we plan to replace them with two really good dent-puller type suction cups. Anyway they are belts to the guy ropes braces - to attach the Skadu to the back of our van we simply lifted one edge onto the roof and then held it in place with the attached guy ropes - 3 options, peg to the ground, tie the guy rope over the wing mirrors (I said they were quite long) or hook onto the wheel trim (the guys have a small plastic hook on the end to facilitate this). To use it as a shade on the side of the van we again just lifted onto the roof, slung the guys over the other side and hooked to the wheel trim - simples! We didn't use the suckers but they would be additional benefit in the wind perhaps.

            The big difference between the Skadu and that shaped tarp on Amazon is that the Skadu is on a fibreglass poled frame: this not only makes it rigid but, more importantly means that when the front edge is on the roof at the back, the Skadu actually gets higher for a good few inches away from the van - this means the rear door opens almost fully before the corner touches the Skadu awning. Traditional awnings, even with minimal sag, foul the door after opening just a few inches.


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