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"Handi awning"

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    "Handi awning"

    Back to awnings: Derek's pic of Niel's Doblo gets my interest at once, of course, because that's what we have (though white).

    His text is "It fits on the back of Neils Doblo, it should be OK with the side opening rear doors of a C15 van (I don't think it would work with a tailgate)".

    What is a Handi-awning?

    We have bought a Towsure Touring XL Motorhome Awning which looks very like the Movelight, and also quite like the awning in the picture. We haven't had the chance to test ours yet: we have the High-Roof Doblo too, but we have rear doors which I hope will open inside the awning.

    A contributor refers to the vehicle chafing on the fabric. My main anxiety would be the fabric chafing on the vehicle.

    I plan to fit two small "U" bolts in the rear roof-rack pockets, and also clip the porch into the central Ventilite ventilator - further forward, in the middle - rather than lead any guy ropes over the roof. I have yet to see how this works.

    As an aside: The Roof Box Company declined to supply us with a roof rack, for which pockets are supplied by Fiat, on the basis that it is not an approved Fiat fitting. I would have had to bolt through the roof, but that isn't difficult, and I would only have done it if the reinforcement underneath is proved adequate after an inspection. This refusal (supported by NIL permitted roof load in the users' manual) floored my whole plan for our use of the vehicle as a camper-van. I had assumed we could fit a small roof box and a pram-type awning hinged over the rear, to give much needed stowage for bedding plus dry access to the roof box (rear opening type) and provide a very quick porch with drop-down walls. I do wonder how sound our advice was, since this setup would have given us MUCH more room, plus the fastest possible awning on arrival (not least for the loo). We are already just over the typical multi-storey 2m height limit, so what is the next height limit up? With a small roof box and awning as described would get under a 2.5 metre guage, and probably less.

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    Seek to make a virtue of necessity.

    Derek's Berlingo camping car has the same Outhouse Handi as me - it's a utility tent that can double as a small awning but has no built-in groundsheet or mudwall.

    The tunnel is too narrow to fully open either rear door on my Doblo - I have to prop each one open (actually, I only open one because there's a sink in front of the other one). And in that position the fabric does rub on the top of the door, though I'm more concerned about the tunnel rubbing on the roof. So far no damage appears to have been done.
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