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Fixing Awning Curtains

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    Originally posted by Clarina View Post
    Hi Cynthia, CyberCynth I was thinking about the awning curtains and remembered one of our awnings had curtains that threaded onto a narrow pole. This then slotted into tape loop tabs either side of window. So would only need to sew in the tape loops. Sorry not easy to explain, but it worked quite well. I think there was tape across the bottom of the window so the curtains slotted behind!
    Hi Gill Clarina , the poles are ringing a bell.... I think one of the previous caravan awnings we had worked on that system....or was it the Cabanon frame tent we had...? Anyway, that's a possibility for the Caranex. It was returned to me via the courier this afternoon actually. The window is not where I thought the chap said he would sew it in originally, and it's a different shape! Square rather than rectangular and not much bigger than the mesh window! I note he has also sewn in two small strips of velcro at the top of the window on the outside.

    Funny you should mention the poles as earlier on I had been thinking I could get a short length of thin dowling to use as a pole, put some stops on the ends and hang it from loops, as per your suggestion. So, great minds think alike! It might be quicker just to get some of those pictured, and sew on a couple of loops to hang them on.

    Thanks for all your suggestions folks!


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