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Sorry awnings again

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    Sorry awnings again

    My wife believes that Brian our Duo needs an awning. (I thought we had left tent erecting behind)

    Bridget suggests that on hot nights!!!!!! When! We can leave the door open.

    The Movelite Camper Van Motorhome Drive Away Awning seems to be a popular choice around the forum.

    1. Does anyone have a pic of one with a duo so that I can see what it looks like.

    2. what are your thoughts on living with one. putting it up etc.

    Many thanks.

    Growing old is mandatory but growing up is optional.

    We are in Holland at the moment.

    When we get home at the end of the week I will post a photo of a movelite behind our Romahome


      Don't know about Duo but here's a picture of an outdoor revolution outhouse handi on a C15 (not guyed up - I was just trying it out)


        I've resisted commenting about Movelite awnings until now as they seem so popular amongst forum members........ but since you asked the direct question........

        We had one for use with our classic folding camper and didnt get on with it all well. We found it fiddly to put up and down, the quality wasnt brilliant and it did not connect to the camper as well as we would have liked, we also found that water runs down the storm straps and puddles at the bottom which caused us no end of problems.

        Now, I should qualify that our folder is unique and very old so the movelite was obviously not designed with us in mind. Given the popularity of it on the forum I would imagine that it hooks up to modern motorhomes much better so that might not be an issue for you.

        I do think however that there are better options out there in terms of ease of pitching/striking and in terms of quality. I'd have a close look at the range of Khyam rapidex drive away awnings. We now use a freestanding Khyam garden shelter as a sort-of awning, its not connected to the camper, it just freestands out the back but otherwise it uses the same system as there range of awnings. The poles and flysheet stay permanently attached and the whole thing folds out, something akin to putting up an umbrella. No faffing about feedling poles through sleeves.
        Better a rainy day on the hill than a sunny day in the office!


          As long as there are two of you to erect it you will be OK.

          I was going to buy a Khyam but I tried one a friend had and found I wasn't strong enough and my arms weren't long enough to put it up on my own.

          I don't think I could put up a Movelite on my own either as I used to have a Sunncamp Day Room which I couldn't do without son's help and they are similar.

          I might manage a Handi, not sure. They are smaller and lighter.


            re earlier picture of my van with awning - I have no idea how my awning copes with rain etc as have never acutally used it. But so far as putting up is concerned - did it on my own (am a short female!).

            Instructions not very adequate but even so only took me about 20 mins. I am used to tents so could work it out even without good instructions. I reckon next time it will take a lot less and with two people even better.

            It is a drive away type and I don't think it would be too difficult to drive back into it again (famous last words!!) I think it would be very useful if staying in same place for a couple of days - which I don't do - that's why I haven't used it.

            Mine also fits into a fiamma rail down the side of the van - personally cannot see much point in that as there is no door on the side of the van but I suppose the overall length of van plus awning might cause problems on some campsite pitches.


              Originally posted by cedas View Post
              It is a drive away type and I don't think it would be too difficult to drive back into it again (famous last words!!)
              Glen told me the best way to achieve this and that is to put a rope right by the wheels when you drive away, then when you get back, you just open the door and follow the rope back to the awning very slowly.

              That's why they are called 'drive aways' - cos that's the easy bit, and not reverse to's - because that's the bit thats hardest.

              Caz the movelites are so flexible they just pop into shape when you thread the poles through. If I can do it on my own (and just bought the midi and put that up myself!) then anyone ca do it. Its the frame type that are hard, not the flexible dome types. Easier with two ppl and takes less time, but I just take my time when Im on my own, its up within 10 minutes. Pegging down takes approx another five.


                Drive away awning


                I have a riversway RV Room 250... quick erect i can manage it on my own its really easy like an umbrella and comes down just as quick. pic attached
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                  Rick - if you want to borrow my new Movelite to see how you get on, just give me a call. email me on:-

                  markolivehouse at

                  See my logic, I bought a new awning after selling the Duo, but before we bought a new camper!

                  (We've finally moved now so all our old contacts are defunct)
                  Aircooled VW Camper nut!


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