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Does anyone have this awning? Will it fit?

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    Does anyone have this awning? Will it fit?

    Hi - I've spotted this rather bargain priced awning:

    Will it fit a C15 Hylo, do you think? Does anyone have one? I like the nice simple design. Not to mention the price!



    That looks great value... so long as the height is tall enough then I can't see why it shouldn't fit ...
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      You might just want to check what the hydrostatic head is before you take the plunge, I can't see it listed in the spec.
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        Awning for C15

        Hi Ferrety,

        Most makes of this type of awning seem to be made for vans with a door on the side so that you exit the van and go straight into the awning. If you use it at the side of your C15 you will have to get out of the van and then walk round to the awning. Not a problem unless it is raining.

        I believe there is one made which is especially for Romahomes with the door at the rear but they are quite expensive. We purchased a Movelite Midi for our HyLo which we pitch at the back of the van and pull the tunnel up and over the raised roof with the guy ropes/straps extending along the length of the van, over the bonnet and pegged into the ground in front of the van. This means that you can drive away simply by extracting the pegs from the guy ropes and re-attaching them when you return. Sorry, but I do not have a photo to show you.

        The Movelite is more expensive and is best put up by two people although they can be picked up second hand. A 2 metre square awning strikes me as being a bit on the small side. Ours is 3 metres and is about right.

        Hope this helps.



          It looks a very good price but be aware that pyramid went into administration earlier this year and are no longer trading, so spares may not be easily available. That said, the poles etc of these types of awning are fairly generic anyway.
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            At that price I decided it was worth a punt - ordered!

            Pyramid still have an eBay shop selling off their last dregs of stock. I may get the poles for the porch extension for £12 too. Even with that it's less than half the price of a Movelite Square.

            I think it's the same size as the Movelite Square (2mx2m) which is all I need really. I'm a lone camper and just want a shady outdoor area where I can pop the animals when it's too hot in the van, that sort of thing.

            I think the Khyam Tailgate awning looks like the ultimate, but a bit rich for my taste at the moment!

            I have the last week in October to go camping (assuming I can find my foster cat a home first - anyone want a cat?! He's very loveable - see him here: So I can try it all out. I established last weekend the Ferrets do well with camping, now I I just need to see what the cat (my own cat) reckons to it so I can decide who's coming with and who's staying with the petsitter - it's all very exciting!


              I think it will probably fit on the back of the van, over the door. Very handy in wet weather, saves a lot of traipsing mud into the van when you have a dry bit under an awning in front of it! One thing I can't see are mud flaps on the bottom edges of the awning, so might not be completely waterproof, but at that price I think I'd risk it!

              If you have a skylight at the back of the van near the door, trap the tunnel in that first before you start to put the poles in, its much easier that way. Then put in the poles and erect, then pull out away from the van until the tunnel is tensioned before pegging down, then you won't have a loose tunnel flapping in the wind all night.


                It looks (in the click link for a supersize photo) to be a 'tunnel' type so should fit in the same way a Movelite does - ie over the top of a C15/Duo/R20 etc.
                Bargain price too.
                Re the comment above about spare, most of these are generic and i've always used Tentspares for replacement poles, hinges and a myriad of other awning bits so should be no problems keeping it in good order.
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                  Originally posted by Ferrety View Post
                  I established last weekend the Ferrets do well with camping, now I I just need to see what the cat (my own cat) reckons to it so I can decide who's coming with and who's staying with the petsitter - it's all very exciting!
                  Was camping in June in outer hebrides and was amzed to meet a solo lady camping with dog and cat. Dog was no surprise - it was the cat that surprised me. Litter tray in passenger footwell!!

                  My cat quite happy to sleep in van at home if I leave door open for any reason but couldn't risk taking her anywhere - she'd be off after mice/rabbits and I've never see her again - that's apart from litter tray issues. Camping with cats definitely not for me . Good luck with petsitters


                    Awning arrived this morning - looks promising and nice and compact!

                    I haven't decided yet if my little cat can cope with camping. He is not an adventurous sort - very cuddly and likes to stay close. I can't imagine him bolting, but I wouldn't risk him off the harness! It would be a combination of let him out on a long line and anchor, keep the giant dog cage in the awning for emergencies and keep him in the van. He might hate it. I'm going to spend some time in the camper doing work this weekend so hopefully he will be overcome by curiousity and come for a nosey round.

                    The foster cat is a different kettle of fish though - I should think he would love a bit of adventure, but he'd be off in search of it! Best find that one a home before I go anywhere...


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