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Tavistock Camping and Caravanning Club Site

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    Tavistock Camping and Caravanning Club Site

    Came home yesterday following three days at this lovely site. Quite easy to find, despite me having forgotten to take my sites book with it's map of the site location.

    This site, fairly small, has three separate pitching areas. I was in the middle one, pitched very conveniently next to one of the entrances to the dog walk, (Also called the 'Nature Walk') which skirted the site on three sides. The grass was neatly mown on the tree-lined walk (unlike some I've used!) and very pleasant and user-friendly. At the top end of the site was a childrens' play area, no playground equipment but there were some goalposts.

    The whole site is on a bit of a slope but not so severe that blocks were needed under the wind-downs.

    The 'conveniences' block - only one, was brilliant! Only two separate loos in the ladies but in each large shower cubicle was a loo and a wash basin, and the shower area itself was big enough to thrash about in without banging your elbows on the walls. The best shower cubicle I've ever used! The shower itself was of the fairly standard 'green' type which had to be restarted every couple of minutes with a push of the button - difficult to find with a faceful of shampoo trying to ingress ones eyes!

    The only aspect of my stay I didn't enjoy was the amount of noise from traffic on the adjoining road (B3357 to Princetown). Though not a Bank Holiday I had unfortunately visited on the weekend preceding the school half term holiday, and of course the lovely weather, as always, attracted a large number of tourists to the ever-popular Dartmoor National Park. Some of which seemed to be on large, fast and very noisy motorbikes! After about 10.30pm however the only sound to be heard was the wind rustling through the boughs of the silver birches and their dry, autumnal leaves.

    I felt really sorry for the Site Manager. His wife had apparently just been ferried to Derriford Hospital (Plymouth) for an emergency operation. His site assistants were out for the day, it being their day off, so this poor chap was trying to cope with incomings/outgoings/queries etc on his own, with the worry of his wife's condition obviously preying on his mind. Yet he kept smiling. The epitome of a good site manager.

    His wife, I learned after enquiring yesterday, was already making a good recovery.

    I'd recommend Tavistock Camping and Caravanning Club site to anyone intending to visit south Devon.
    Would post some photos if I could find the battery charger for my camera!

    Tomorrow maybe.
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    Thanks for posting this detailed review Cynthia I am sure people will find it useful. I hope the site managers wife makes a full recovery, I think I'd have shut up shop and been at my wife's side some things are more important than camping.
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      Nature Walk, Tavistock C&CC Site.

      A pleasant place to take a stroll - whether or not you have a dog!

      'Nature Walk', Tavistock C&CC.jpg


      The second picture is taken in the little 'loop' section of the Nature Walk, in one corner of the site. It takes you down to a little pond, which I must say looked rather brown and uninspiring.
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        Daughter and I stayed here last December as it is the nearest C & C C site to Cornwall which is open all year round.

        Unfortunately it rained the whole time we were there so we didn't really get out of the van much. One of the dog walks was closed due to it being so muddy and slippy they'd decided it was dangerous, the one that was open wasn't much better - I suppose that's the price we paid we wanting to be there in winter.

        There is a bus into town and back again, but I think it was only once a day - maybe better in summer - and although only a couple of miles it is uphill walking back, so we didn't go.

        We didn't notice any road noise - probably the road is not so busy in winter.

        The Club site wifi worked very well but we couldn't get a TV signal.


          Caz - I daresay I had the best of the dog walk during my visit to Tavi, as we've had a reasonably dry summer, the whole circuit was in a nice condition, no muddy bits at all.

          I must admit I didn't explore the possibility of using the bus to go into town.

          I'm afraid I'm too tight to pay £3 for 24hrs worth of wifi. It doesn't cost the Club anything to run the system once the wifi is all set up, so I don't know how they justify charging for it! Instead I went to 'Cafe Liaison' in Tavistock, where the food is freshly prepared and reasonably priced, dogs are allowed in the cafe and you get free wifi access too! Win-win, yum yum!


            I bit the bullet and invested in 12 months wifi. I think it has been a worthwhile investment this year as have also used it at Kingsbury, Blackmore, Wolverley, Dingwall, & Salisbury - a total of 13 nights, so only £1.53 a night.

            I won't bother again 'cos I've just upgraded my phone and on the new contract I get 3GB a month and can tether my laptop to it.


              Tavistock campsite

              Why not try Barley Meadow free Wifi good bus service to Exeter, Oakhampton & Bude facilities good & very friendly staff they have too manage without assistance infact a couple years back the husband was at plymouth hosp. having bypass op.
              & his wife managed to keep it going but I think their son managed to help out.
              I've just got back from Chichester site heard rumours that it may have to close next door is now a builing site & by all accounts the builder owns the field that is the site so will have to
              wait & see


                Sadly Barley Meadow isn't open in winter.


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