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Monstay Farm Ludlow

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    Monstay Farm Ludlow

    Took a chance this weekend and rode out Storm Callum.
    This was my 4th visit to Monstay, I have stayed here at various times of the year.
    Due to the weather I had the site to myself.

    I had pre-booked via their web site a hard standing as my duo is not good on soft ground.

    The farm is located about 3 miles west of Ludlow on the edge of Mortimer Forest.
    The farm entrance (gated) is located opposite the Vinnalls forest car park.
    A tarmac road leads through 2 fields (cows) to another gate. Then turns into a track to the farm. (about 1/2 mile from the road)

    On arrival no one was at the house (this is a working farm) so I carried on to the hard standings and chose EHU no. 7 as that was the most sheltered pitch from the wind. I didn't count the hard standings but must be 6 or 7.
    I went back to the house later to see Angela to check in.

    The other camping areas are a smallish hedged field which had half a dozen seasonal caravans pitched.
    The main field is huge and has EHU around the edge. Apart from where there is a EHU no marked pitches.
    The main field and hard standings have views westwards into wales. (unless its raining)

    The facilities are located at the farm and are situated in a farm building.
    They are heated and modern. Soap and electric hand dryer.
    The hard standings are not far away.

    This site allows campfires off the ground.
    Fire bowls can be hired or bring your own.
    Fire wood also available.

    Having been here at various times of the year it can get busy in the main season, especially w/ends.


    Sounds nice!


      Cheers for the review!


        Originally posted by CyberCynth View Post
        Sounds nice!
        I must admit it wasn't at it's best this last weekend but hey ho.


          It sounds nice but you haven't mentioned prices?


            Originally posted by Caz View Post
            It sounds nice but you haven't mentioned prices?
            Check web site at top of post for current prices.
            No point posting prices as they may not be current next year,


              They may not be the same prices next year, but if you had said, say, that you had paid £25 a night then I would know it is out of my budget and not bothered to look further, whereas if you had said that it was £7.50 per person then I would investigate further and look at the website!
              No indication of price in your review means I wouldn't bother looking at the website in case it was too dear for me, as I have found in the past that when people don't mention what they paid it's probably because it is expensive..


                I don't do expensive. My max is £15 with EHU.


                  Looks a lovely site. Thanks for the review.

                  Caz the prices shown at the moment are:
                  Pitch fees per night

                  Adults £7.50
                  Children (Aged 5-17) £3
                  Children (Under 5) Free
                  EHU £4 per tent/caravan/motorhome unit per night
                  Dogs £1
                  Awnings and/or Gazebos £2
                  Cars Free of charge
                  Firebowls £5 per stay
                  Firewood £5 per bag
                  Carpe diem! :)


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