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solar showers (anyone)

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    This one

    looks quite practical



      Good idea but shop around because that price is very expensive.

      See this



        Mmm, yes, MUCH cheaper - but out of stock


          Originally posted by cesky2000 View Post
          Mmm, yes, MUCH cheaper - but out of stock
          here's the one I have. It works on pressure - no batteries or 12v system needed! You can get the same thing for less in a car accessories shop and it does exactly the same thing!


            Originally posted by jayjay View Post
            And it's draughty in the awning or loo tent as well!
            - and even more draughty when you don't have either of these!!


              Hot or not - after lifting 20 litres of water (20kg or 44lbs) above your head for a gravity feed I would think a shower would be needed! Whatever state anyone was in before.
              jayjay's sprinkler sounds much more practical.
              And anyway, if the container was painted matt black it would collect just as much heat as a bag if left in the Sun.
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              Keeping people waiting is stealing a part of their lives.


                I have the same idea as Jayjay's but not hozelock, its meant for camping so it was probably more money but no better. I bought it years ago when I had a folding camper. It's fine in an emergency just fill it half hot half cold and give it a few pumps. I have never used it LOL well only in the bath at home to try it out.
                Regards, Robinjim.



                  Just back from Beal temp site and for the first time used my hozelock flower shower. Imcan definitely say it worked a treat I filled with cold water first just under half of maximum fill and then added a kettle of hot water.
                  I had a lovely hotnshower standing in the middle of my utility tent and felt very refreshed afterwards. Thanks to jay jay for the initial idea:so happy:



                    Glad it suited, Pam!

                    At least you don't have to hoick them over your head to make them work, eh?

                    We both had a shower with mine at the recent festival we went to, so refreshing and really no trouble at all to fill and use - they just stand on the floor next to you. We used a box out of the little plastic three tier set of drawers to stand in, with a large flannel on the bottom to prevent slipping. Much easier to empty than a paddling pool!


                      I have a 12V maplin hot submersable pump that I bought for £10. Similar idea but you just submerse the pump in a bucket and then tie the shower head up in the corner of your tent and away you go.... it works off batteries or you can plug it in to a car cigarette plug. Used it very successfully for a fortnight in the new forest it gave a very reasonable shower.

                      Jay Jay's Flower power one looks good too.


                        Ok folks, you have me convinced. The hints have off to buy my flower shower, using the special card B&Q gave me!
                        Carpe diem! :)


                          I used mine on holiday last week. For rinsing mud and muck off the front of the caravan.
                          Regards, Robinjim.


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