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Winter cover for caravan?

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    Winter cover for caravan?

    Has anyone found one small enough?

    Are they any good?

    Was thinking of using the HUGE canvas awning over the top as a cover, any thoughts?

    Last winter I had an ordinary plastic tarp over the top until I could get the leaks fixed. Contrary to what all the experts say, it didn't damage my van at all and let enough air in for no condensation to build up. Not very pretty or tidy though, so was just wondering...

    Personally I would never use one in a million years. Way too much hassle. I can see the point if the caravan is stored under a tree or something but really caravans are designed to be outdoors.
    Regards, Robinjim.


      We've never used one (winter is still fair game for holidays in our minds!!) but I was out for a walk with Evie earlier and was reminded of this post.

      Someone round the corner from us has their caravan under cover now but they seem to have built a frame around the van using scaffolding and then put a cover over that - I pressume to give some air around the van to try to reduce condesation etc. Seems a lot of hard work to me!!!!

      When we had a static van and it needed 'closing' for the winter, we used to put bowls of salt all around the van to help absorb moisture.
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        Thanks for your replies, Robin and Glen!

        I know covers can sometimes lead to probs with condensation. I thought it might keep the roof seals intact over the winter. As you probably know, I had a lot of probs with water ingress when I bought it and also earlier this year. The prob has now been sorted, but I'd like to keep it that way... the sealant is the proper one for the job, I'd just like to stop the weather getting to it over what might be a hard winter.

        Last year I had a tarp over it, to stop the water ingress while we were waiting for the weather to warm up so the sealer would cure. It didn't do any damage, nor did it cause condensation. Makes you wonder if the fandabbydozy all singing all breathing covers are worth the money!

        I wondered what a canvas cover might be like, seeing as I have one the size of a bungalow in my shed!


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