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    The reason for loading the car boot is to keep the back wheels firmly on the road so that the caravan can't swing it about. You can put much more weight in the boot than you can load onto the tow hitch. I remember when my Fisher Hollivan decided to have a lie down on the fast lane of the Motorway, it picked the tail end of the Morris Minor up on the tow bar and flipped it over on its side. If the car had been heavier, or if there had been more weight in the boot maybe the caravan wouldn't have been able to fall over in the first place.
    But then, I wouldn't have a story to tell, would I?


      Originally posted by CyberCynth View Post
      Jayjay I haven't seen anything in the car handbook to the effect the boot of the car needs to be laden when towing and I have read right through the appropriate sections.

      The other day I weighed the bottle, spare tyre and EHU cable and they were, in total less than 50kg so should be safe to travel in the front locker.

      I've read of at least one other caravan owner (on another website) who had problems with noseweight. Even though they took absolutely everything out of the front locker, it still weighed over the limit for their car. It's not the weight of the stuff you put in there sometimes (even if that is less than the 50kg limit) but the weight of the front of the caravan itself that can be over the limit - the fixtures and fittings inside the caravan at the front end can weigh nearly up to the limit without anything in the front locker at all. I hope this isn't the case with your caravan, Cynthia, but it's something to be aware of.

      I think, in your position, I would have the new hitch with stabiliser installed and see how it behaves with just that adjustment to start with. If it's still unstable, you will have to start taking that extra 50kg of weight in the locker out, one thing at a time, until it is stable. It could be that simply fitting a new hitch with a stabiliser will do the trick.

      If you haven't had the new hitch fitted yet, ask the installer if he can bring a noseweight gauge with him and check the weight of the nose when empty of the stuff in the front locker. At least that way you will know what the front end of the caravan weighs on its own. There is still counterbalance to add to the mix though, as in my earlier post!

      There's a pretty good explanation of noseweight and how to sort it out here:
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